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Will I get DL back in IL after DUI in NC
Moved to NC in 2015. Got DUI 07-04-15, under 21 on NC DL. No Blow lost DL for one year. Moved back home with parents in IL. Completed all courses required by NC. Submitted documents to NC with 508 form. Suspension is up on 02-15-17. I never surrendered my IL DL, I never received anything from IL stating to surrender my DL which expired in December. Do I tell IL DMV I got a DUI, or do I just go in apply for DL.
I am not familiar with the Secretary of State DL application but there will likely be a question asking about other...
Do I have a shot at getting my liscense back?
I have 2 dui convictions served 15 days attending my dui classes and have been revoked for over a year now.
Possibly, it kind of depends on your level. If you're a "significant risk" probably, if you're patient. If you're "...
I have a ticket for dui and obstruction of traffic what is the minimum I could suffer in cost
I was driving home from rockford il to mundelein il after being up for roughly 16 hours, ten of those hours I was at work. After work I went out with friends had a couple of cocktails after a while decided to go home. On my way home I fell asleep at a red light in crystal lake il where I was approached by police giving a breathalyzer blow .1 and arrested. At the station I blow again and it came out to be .08. I have a court date October 25, 2016
A DUI is a Class A Misemeanor. You can be fined up to $2,500 and jailed for up to 364 days. It is absolutely...
Is it possible to get my Re-4 upgraded on my DD 214?
Enlisted in the Marines, passed all physical and mental tests to get in. Went through boot camp and graduated to Marine. Originally enlisted for infantry but was excited to get in and took an opening for a communications job. It was tough and I was never a great student. The material just wouldn't click and honestly I hated it. Was sent to Dr. 4 times. He thought I might have ADD but diagnosed me with anxiety. I had already failed 2 tests and was anxious but it's not like I have an anxiety disorder, it was situational. My seperation code is JFV1 under Honorable with an Re-4. I want back in.
I am redirecting you to the right area.
What's the most affordable price range for legal counsel on a dui and obstruction of traffic tickets
I have a ticket for dui and obstruction of traffic
We cannot list fees or make bids for services on this forum, but I encourage you to use the find a lawyer tab to find...
Why is the initial charge still on my record?
I was arrested for DUI in 2011. I received a charge reduction to reckless driving and 1-year court supervision. My lawyer told me that the court supervision would keep the charge off my record. So why is it that I still see the initial DUI charge on my record more than 4 years later?
Where do you see your record? Some lawyers have a bad habit of saying "off your record," when they mean to say you will...
Pulled over with a grinder, what do i do?
last night i was driving home when an officer pulled me over and everything seemed to be going ok, until he pulled me out and asked me of there was anything in the car, to which i initially said no to. He looked at me and said that my eyes were very red and again asked if there was anything in the car, to which i told him that there was a grinder next to the seat. so he searched the car and found only that, and instead of arresting me directly gave me a non-traffic complaint and notice to appear in court. what do i do? do i need an attorney? i'm over the age of 18, but still young and have no clue what to do
Your best option at this point would be to consult with a local criminal attorney for advice and to discuss your legal...