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I had a Dui in 2012 and have been US green card holder since 2009 by marrying a US citizen. Can I apply for US passport now ?
Had a DUI in 2012 January received a court supervision for 1 year and every thing was completed. I also have a court decree that says "Stricken Off" I have been a permanent resident since 2009 and wanted to apply for US passport now so was wondering should wait or am i eligible to apply. i live in illinois married to US citizen and have 2 children born in US as well. since my DUI haven't received even a speeding ticket.
The GMC period (good moral character period) is 5 years after the conviction. Therefore, in your case, it could be a...
Can I reopen this case?
I was ticketed for a 1st offense owi in Wisconsin then charged with a fourth. I recall 1 owi in Michigan which was over 14 years prior to this 1st offense and I recall being pulled over in Colorado and found to be under the influence but not intoxicated. Michigan and Colorado law state that the OWI is expungable if the fine and time was paid which they were and I sure don't recall a second in Michigan. There are 11 people with my name.i never harmed anyone in any incident.i feel I should have. A first offense on my record and that's it. I bumped into the prosecutor the other day and he said he couldn't speak to me and things should be left in the past. I agree.gping back 14 years to try to put a felony on me I figure could be considered a crime.
I don't understand your question. Are you asking if you can reopen the conviction in Michigan 14 years ago? If so,...
I have a Illinois license and received an out of state DUI, what what is my best course of action?
I currently live in Indiana but have an Illinois license and will be moving back to Illinois by the end of the month. I recently received a DUI here in Indiana. This is my first DUI but I have had court supervision for traffic tickets before. What should I expect and what should be my course of action?
Your best course of action would be to hire an Indiana attorney who defends DUI cases in the county where your case is...
Can a cop take down license plates outside a bar
Cops where seen recording license plates outside a bar in the bar's parking lot but sped off when a doormen approached them
Yes, police, as long as they have authority to be in an area like a public parking lot can record or observe events.
Help! My stories are not adding up from what im saying in court and to my evaluator and lawyer about my dui conviction.
Today I saw a license reinstatement evalator and he said I lied about two times from my evaluation it put me in panic and im always anxious around the law. I do not want to speak with a informal hearing officer because it might be scary and I hate the fact I need to spew out every answer correctly according to what I said in court in paper and to my lawyer and evaluator should I hire an attorney and let him do everything because I cant speak correctly infront of professionals because they are looking for that one flaw to deter me from getting my license back? Also It doesnt matter I do have to speak infront of a secretary of state informal hearing officer to get driving privileges. I thought lying would lessen my chances of guilt and convictions but I still got the book thrown at me .
If you get panicky with a hearing officer, having an attorney speak for you might not be a bad idea. I do not know if...
How can I find an affordable license reinstatement lawyer?
I got a DUI in 2011, My case in ending shortly
You can click on the find a lawyer link at the top of this page to locate many attorneys who handle Secretary of State...
BAIID service not available by deadline - consequences?
Have had BAIID without incident 9 months. Service due this Friday, called last Friday and today, provider says no apt available until Jan 7 (5 days late). My paperwork says pre-scheduled apt Jan 2, the due date. I have a call in to Draeger, waiting for response. Provider says lockout will occur. I always call a week in advance to confirm pre-scheduled apt; have always done my due diligence. What will happen with SOS if Draeger cannot provide alternative? Formal reinstatement hearing scheduled end of January. I am extremely concerned because I have done everything by the book. Any advice greatly appreciated, thank you.
Hopefully you have a lawyer. You should contact your lawyer immediately for assistance.