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Upon completion of withheld judgement DUI in Idaho . . clearing Washington's driving record listing conviction ?
I am approaching the successful completion of my probation required for my withheld judgement DUI in Idaho . Following that , the case will be dismissed . I'm a resident of Washington , so at the time of the guilty plea the court notified Washington DOL . I plan to have the records expunged in Idaho , but how do I clear my drivers record in Washington ? As it is listed now as " Conviction from Idaho Court " with attached ( 5 yr ) probationary license , ( 3 yr ) SR22 and interlock requirements .
The things you would have to do is contact DOL at 360-902-3900 and talk to a representative about what you would have...
Does a traffic infraction for an open container violate probation for a DUI
Does a traffic infraction for an open container violate probation for a DUI?
A traffic infraction doesn't generally violate a DUI probation. However, the answer to your question truly depends on...
Likelihood of reduction on DUI?
I did not take FST's, blew a .087 once at the station, and asked for a secondary blood sample(in my state one of your rights is to get a secondary sample). Was taken to the nearest hospital, blood was draw, officer refused to take the blood sample and said that because of his refusal the blood sample would be inadmissible for evidence. There is no video of the arrest, or the BAC room, spoilage?
Sounds like the State has some major problems here and I just wish I was an attorney in your area because I live 3-4...
DUI and totaled rental car while on Vacation in Wash. State.
I received a DUI & totaled a rental while on Vacation in Wash. State on a rural road S curve. No one was injured except myself. my blood alcohol was taken at the hospital about and hour and half later and was recorded at .14. I was let go and not arrested, but know arrested is a loose term. I have no previous record of any kind and live in CA. I am returning to Washington for the court case. Predicted outcome & advise please?
Get an attorney to represent you so that you have the best opportunity to come out of this situation. Accidents are...
Are there resources to find pro bono DUI attorneys for single mothers?
I recently was arrested for a dui. I have not been charged, but while I wait, I am hoping to find an attorney who works pro bono or for a decent rate. This is my second DUI, first was 2012. I plan to defer this charge. Thank you.
Speak to a few DUI attorneys and try to get the most competitive rate. Pro bono may be a tough route. You could try to...
Parenting plan example verbiage re: DUI/Drugs
I am creating a parenting plan proposal with my sons dad. He has a recent DUI pending court; I am looking for example verbiage (King County/Washington State) that would address this in our parenting plan so to protect my son in regards to transportation and behavior while in his father's custody.
You might consider some language like this: 1. The father shall not consume alcohol any time the parties' child...
Got a DUI 3 Years ago, will I ever be able to get a CDL or have a driving job?
I got a DUI in May 2013. I had the interlock for 6 months, completed all necessary requirements and had it removed. I received the DUI in Arizona. I have recently relocated to Washington state. I would like to pursue a career in log truck driving or something similar that may require a CDL. I have no other convictions or tickets. Is it possible for me to get the DUI removed from my record? Is there a certain amount of time I have to wait to do that, if possible at all?
Washington has no method to ever remove a DUI from your record. It sounds as though your DUI was in Arizona. You...