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Can I become a paralegal with a DUI and a paraphernalia charge?
I got a DUI about 6 years ago, and the paraphernalia charge about 2 years ago. I will be off probation next month and I want to go to school and become a paralegal, but I don't want to waste my time if there is no chance I would get hired. Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Your convictions probably will not prevent you from becoming a paralegal, but they could cause some difficulty when...
Will i go to jail for 1st offense for dui in pa? when i have 2 already in del?
i do not have details
If the two Delaware cases were within the last 10 years and if your blood level was above.159 or if you refused a test...
I have a suspended/revoked license
I have a suspended/revoked license in a different state then I am currently living in. I have several bench warrants active for driving on the revoked list in 2 different states. The 2 states are different from the state that revoked my Driver's license originally. Can the police act on a tip that they received about me driving without a license? If they can verify the information from the tip is true can they proceed to stop me for driving without a license and arrest me for that?
Yes. You should get help to clean up the mess you have created for yourself. Your turning a case that could have been...
There has been a hearing that has been continued 3 times now all said active next preliminary is scheduled but now says inactiv
Charges are small amount of marijuana for personal use, drug paraphernalia,driving without license,driving while revoked or suspended 2 are misdemeanors and the others are summons
You have a bench warrant speak to a lawyer right away
After I signed up for the driving class's I got the DWI letter, could they have sent it in? And since treatment can I fight this
I was stop near my home by a cop. He never said why. I knew when he looked up my license I was done, I wasn't suppose to drive that night. He never said why he stoped me. After looking up license he then took a breathalyzer. I asked results he wouldn't say. I'm on disability due to 6 operations on spine and knee replacements, I tefused the sobriety test he made me take it, my balance Is not good it was raining out too. He took me in and I gave blood he made 2 other stops. He didn't file a report until 2 weeks. His report was full of lies. Turns out it didn't match evidence and the blood work was not used as evidence and all other charges dropped too. His reason for stoping mr was too slow. I was driving on a one way curvy road that's 25mph in the rain downhill so I slowed down to about 22 to 22. It was his word against mine, Before my hearing I did attend a a1 certificate sessions & went to AA meetings and obtained tons of signatures to show that I don't plan to ever get involved in this again. The judge gave me a 300 fine no Ard, 6 months probation and safety driving class's. and the parole officer said I had no license suspension from the judge. But i got a 1 yr suspended
You present a very interesting fact pattern. The answer to your question is "YES". You can and should fight it. You...
Will DUI charges stick if it was said by medical officials that I had two seizures.
I was found unresponsive at a stop light by a pedestrian medical officials came and was aware that I had a seizure. I also had another seizure while in the back of the ambulance when officers arrived. I did not submit with any of the testing. What are my chances with winning this case or having it dismissed at the preliminary hearing?
Sounds like a winner. Was there any blood results taken?
Do I have to disclose an expunged DUI to the police academy.
Five years ago (age 18) I got a DUI and was placed in an ARD program. After everything was complete I paid to have everything expunged. On the last page of the expungement package it states that all official fingerprints, records, and pictures will be destroyed. In May I am graduating with a bachelors degree and would like to apply to a police academy. With everything being destroyed do I legally have to ever disclose the DUI happen?
Ask yourself what would happen if someone did not disclose the crime and it was later discovered somehow? If you think...