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While in Maine I was charged with a civil violation Illegal possession of liquor by a minor (I am 18). What should I do?
I have never gotten in any trouble like this before and I really do not want this to stay on my record. Should I sign the form and pay the $250 fine or is there any possibility that if I do go to court it will come off of my record? If this does stay on my record is there any possibility that it could effect my future (jobs, grad school, etc.)?
You need for this to be addressed in Maine. Change your location to some town in Maine, and attorneys licensed there...
My current attorney was arrested for DUI, can I represent myself in my upcoming child support modification trial
My current attorney who has been dealing with my case, over the weekend was arrested for DUI, and has a few other issues. My trial for a child support modification is scheduled for next Thursday. Can I represent myself and is there any means of info I can obtain on this matter
Is your attorney currently in custody and unable to speak with you or the other side? Or are you looking to fire your...
Dui first offense..WHEN and HOW and WHERE do I go to get my license back?
Good evening and thank you so very much for this site! My questions are as follows.... On a DUI first offense (but it's still pending due to the fact I am fighting it out of a "driving out of necessity")....I was Forced to drive and assaulted just prior to this offense. I DID blow the breathalyzer and was over the .08 I tried to call the Boston dmv and was on hold for 45 minutes and gave up... My question is....because it's been 3 months since this dwi, and I DID blow, can I just go to my local Danvers dmv, or will I need a hearing in Boston? I am going to go to several court dates (pre-trial) and this could take months! I DO NOT want to get pinched for driving with a suspended prior to the trial....!!! What are the steps I must take to get my license back? Please help!!
You have to go down to the RMV in person, to one that conducts Hearings. You will need to appear before a Hearings...
Can I hire a lawyer to clear my driving records from a DUI from 5 years ago to be able to get hired at a car dealership?
DUI from 5 years ago. Blood test was performed getting at .24. No one was hurt just got pulled over and was taken by the cop over night. Lost license for 1 year. Now I'm in the car sales business but a lot of places won't hire me because of that. Live in Massachusetts but incident happened in new Hampshire.
Mass RMV driving history records cannot be "cleared", sealed, expunged etc.
How do I resolve bench warrant?
Last May I got pulled over for looking at my cell phone while waiting at a light. When police ran my plates they discovered my car was uninsured and therefore my registration had been revoked.(without my knowledge). My car was towed and I was given ticket. I had recently switched insurance companies and there was a mix up over timing of new policy etc.... Easy solution to fix. Recently after getting ticket I had a family emergency and moved back to CT. I was there for several months helping out and forgot about ticket. Recently found out there is warrant out for not showing up to court (I did not receive summons). I want to clear it up right away but am scared about going to jail. I'm also planning on leaving country in next few weeks on as a volunteer for an organization with my school. I need to get it cleared before leaving asci don't want any problems at airport. Can I show up at court, pay fines and get warrant resolved? Do I need to go with a lawyer??
Your best bet is to retain a criminal law attorney tomorrow. That's not a lot of time.
Do I have to wait the full 45 days after pleading out my case to get my dirver's license back?
I recently plead to a continuance without a finding on driving drunk. It was my first and only offense. I was arrested in Boston on June 6 and was allowed on June 20 to get the continuance without a finding for one year. I was told my driver's license was suspended for 45 days (so by August 4th I guess I can get my license back). My question is-- even though I already plead my case on June 20, do I have to wait the full 45 days to get my regular driver's license back? Or if I am eligible, should I try to get one of those sunset licenses?
What you're referring to is a "hardship" or "cinderella license. You are eligible to apply for one so long as you can...
Will I be charged for OUI if was not in the car had flat on side of road(have no record of OUI)
was in cape cod got there Friday was staying with friend so ended up going out for drinks got drunk so left car till morning had my friend drive cause was still drunk from night before we got a flat tire so pulled over she had things to do cause we had day planned for beach with kids so had my sis and her kids dropped off with me so could wait for aaa so could get towed to shop pick up after beach. someone came and help switch tire and that's when cops came said whats going on said fixing tire got flat about to call aaa that's when he gave me field sobriety test and placed me under arrest OUI with child endangerment
Sounds like you were already charged if the police placed you under arrest. Additionally, OUI with child endangerment...