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Can I get charged for a DUI, if I was not arrest at scene or given a ticket for DUI?
I was pulled over, and was charged with two tickets: one for damaging public property and leaving the scene (I did not realize hit a bush backing out) the other insurance no proof (tho my car is insured). However my car did not have any damage, all it had was a small branch sticking out from the left rear bumper underneath. They also drew blood at the time but not arrest or take my license. Can I be charge on my court date which is a week from incident?
There appears to be some information missing from your question that would assist me in answering your question. An...
I would like to know how in the state of Fla. they can keep my husband's license suspended for an alleged DUI that occurred in
2009. It has been to several courts for appeals because the breathalyzer wasn't calibrated. We don't have the money to hire an atty-he has had 3 PDS since 2009. His license is due to expire this month and we can't afford to pay for all of his testing as he also has a motorcycle endorsement-can you advise us if there is anyhting that can be done? Thank you for your time
After one year he may be able to qualify for a license in Colorado.
IID required to be installed on vehicle but i do not own or have access to a vehicle i can operate. please help!
i received a first time offense dui new years eve 2011 in south florida, my friend asked me to drive him home in his vehicle since he was much more inebriated than myself, we were pulled over for going 6 mph over the speed limit and i was arrested for dui. the court ordered me to install an iid on my vehicle but i do not own or have access to one that i can install an iid into. i served 150 hours community service, paid all fines and fees, and passed the required classes, but the dmv insists i must purchase a car to install an iid for 6 months to get my license back, i am a disabled veteran living on a fixed income in my hometown where cost of living is so high that it is fairly impossible for me to purchase a vehicle since 80% of my income goes into rent. is there anything i can do?
You just may be out of luck. If the DMV is requiring you do to something to get your license back, you typically have...
What is the value of a DUI breath refusal invalidation, as evidence, to secure a suppression of refusal for the DUI Trial?
Do any of the Trimble or other issues, primarily related to the DHSMV hearings, help to win a suppression for the DUI Trial? Are any of the standard or case law of the DHSMV Hearing relevant to the trial or Suppression Hearings? Thanks!
The results of a DHSMV Formal Review hearing are inadmissible in a DUI prosecution and vice versa. The constitutional...
My friend was arrested for DUI, He already received his bail
He is out of status, It has been more than 48 hours that he has been inside after getting his bail. ICE has not come to pick him up. But still police are no letting him out. What should we do
The 48 hours do not include weekends and holidays.
My friend was arrested for first DUI, he is out of status.Will he be deported?
This is his first offence. He is under immigration hold. Is it confirmed that the ICE will definitely come to arrest him? What if it wont come in 48 hrs? Can he be released after that?
If he is in the United States without valid immigration status, he could be placed in removal proceedings regardless of...
How long after a dui accident can someone be charged DWSL as the person was driving on a suspended license.
Got Ticket in Ky for no valid license, bonded out, never went back. to Ky to take care of it and they never notified FL of the ticket. Got in accident, was DUI, unlawful breath alchol breath level but not suspended license as it looked like Fl license was good in that short time period due to Fl not picking up the KY ticket (still have misd warrant in KY for it( . Now I am HTO plus others, will not get license for 10 years. Will this add and make it a possible lifetime suspension?
Hire a lawyer right away. Your DWLS charge should have been brought at the same time as the DUI. If the flow of...