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How to get MO license when TN license is soon to be revoked?
I was a resident of TN when I got my DUI. I still have a TN license, but have since relocated to Missouri. My license has not yet been revoked, but it will be due to a DUI in the 90s. I need to be able to drive for work in Missouri. I will not benefit from TN’s hardship options, like geographic limitation or a breathalyzer in the car, because I will be 7 hours away. Should I allow my TN license to be revoked at the hearing, turn it in, then pursue a restricted license in MO?
These dual state issues are always a little iffy so I suggest you contact a criminal defense attorney that used to work...
What is the best way to beat a dwi ?
4dwi. No field test no breath test no blood test blacked out due to health reason and run into ditch. No one hurt.
You need to hire the best DUI lawyer you can afford to represent you, as soon as possible.
I am being charged with a DWI in Missouri. Can the Nolle of charge they're offering me be prosecuted in the future?
I am being charged with a first offense DWI in Missouri. The deal they are offering me is the following: Defendant to successfully complete, through EMass, Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders Program (SATOP), Victim Impact Panel (VIP), 24 hours community service. State will request Court to continue case until December 31, 2016. Upon successful completion of conditions and no other criminal violations, State will Nolle current DWI charge. Wouldn't this Nolle be allowed to be prosecuted in the future if the state wanted? Is there some other type of way the case can be ended that would be more like an acquittal (where it can't be prosecuted again), but part of a deal before trial?
Please talk to your attorney. Without knowing the evidence, that offer is very good. Yes, you may be re-charged if...
I have two dwi....was invited to an outing.
I have two dwi, the second one still pending. I was invited to an outing. Can I go even though I won't be drinking but there will be drinking there
If you are on probation or on parole, then the terms of your program will dictate what you can and cannot do as well as...
If you drive a friends car and they don't have a breath ailiziser what wuld happen to me?
Just asking ahead of time
There really isn't enough information in your question to answer you. I am guessing that you are required to use a...
Hardship license-Missouri
I was considering filing for a hardship license. I have an SES for DWI and recently found that I have a pending Driving while revoked Felony D pending. Will even be able to get one with my record and outstanding charge?
You can call the Missouri Dept. of Revenue (driver's license bureau) and ask what you need to do to become eligible for...
Can I save my license and keep my children
I got my 2nd dwi in two years. I'm going through a divorce. I'm afraid of losing my children. My oldest is special needs who don't belong to my husband. She is 24 hour care. I have to be able to drive her to school and Doctor appointments. Is there any way possible to save my license just for her. My job is taking care of special needs and I transport them as well
You need to hire a local defense attorney asap. Find someone who practices in the jurisdiction where you received your...