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Live in St Louis MO, received DUI in Bloomington IL. Will I need a lawyer from Illinois?
First offense, mid fifties. Are my driving privileges immediately revoked, or does that happen at court date?
You will need to hire an attorney who is licensed in Illinois, though not necessarily ine located in IL. You may want...
I've lost my license for ten years and now I'm five year into it. Can I get my license back sooner?
Ive had multiple dwi's (young and dumb) since then I ve served my time,completed my probation, classes and paid all my fines. I'm also required by the state to pay child support but I'm having a hard time getting back and forth to work to keep all this working. I really need help
Depending on what your driver record looks like, you may be eligible to file a petition in the county of your residence...
If I have warrents can I go take my drivers license test without being arrested?
My licence expired in April and I know I'll have retake the written and driving portion, but I have warrents and I would like to know if I can get a new license without getting arrested.
The first thing a state does is suspended your license or your ability to obtain a license when you are a FUGITIVE....
Can I get probation for a class C felony in Missouri with no priors in Missouri but multi priors in Illinois from 10+ yrs ago?
No other drug offences in Illinois. Just felony dui and res burglary and theft from 10+ yrs ago.
Possible yes guaranteed no. It will depend a lot on the facts of your case and what jurisdiction you are being...
For third DWI is it always a felony
Just received third dwi in st Charles, I am a prior offender
If you have pleaded guilty (even if you received an sis) to two prior dwi offenses then you will most likely be charged...
In a DUI situation, will it effect your breathalyzer reading if the officer didn't clean the tip and do a fresh retest.
Wouldn't it be able to prove that the officer had a part in getting the reading he wanted..... If you blow once, twice, 4,5 times into the same mouth piece and leave that residue/condensation in there and re blow, will it collect to a higher BAC reading eventually? This office also has it out for this guy and already has 1 DUI pinned on him. He's going for a second now, same officer. Did the guy have beer that day yes, was he over the limit,. 08, I just dont know, so 90 days in jail, like 2,000 hrs community service, and blower 10 years... Its just terrible, and I just dont know if I trust this officer if that condensation really does matter in the test result, to build it higher each blow to make them blow over the legal limit, they are compliant, and blow everytime asked.
That's hard to answer without talking to your friend and without seeing the reports. Blowing multiple times can affect...
Is it probable cause or reasonable suspicion to avoid a sobriety checkpoint?
If someone were to turn into a gas station parking lot and turn onto another street to avoid going through the checkpoint, would that be enough evidence a cop needs to make a stop? It could be proven that the checkpoint is invincible from this angle.
Absolutely it is probable cause for a stop.