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Can i get at least one of these charges dropped?
i was arrested for driving on a revoked license due to prior dui's and for another dui but my bac was .07 and i was never issued a notice of summary suspension when i went to the court house to get a copy for my evaluation there wasn't one on file or a sworn report? what should i do can i get the dui charge dropped?
An experienced DUI/DWI attorney can possibly work an arrangement for you,. But it is impossible to comment beyond that...
My dui was lowered to a reckless driving conviction. i will lose my career unless suspension is rescinded.Any way to do this?
I drive for a living. Company policy states:If the proceedings result in a suspension or revocation of associates license, the associates employment will be terminated. I am 52 years old. Spotless driving record until this unfortunate mistake. Only thing im experienced at is vending. Any other "hardship" rules apply to situation? Thank you.
Gosh, talk to the lawyer who represented you in court about a petition to rescind. It is the statutory summary...
What are the consequences for a person that has just received his third DUI 25 years after getting the second one?
See above
It depends on whether the person pled to or was found guilty of the first two DUIs. If the person was found guilty of...
Had a 2nd dui in 07 dupage co along with driving on a revoked. im concerned of getting a job with that on record...can wait 2 dr
Live in Illinois all my life, only record is felony dui with no accident or harm. Im seeking a way to drop felony charge and Willing to not drive...its affecting finding a job, as i was just let go after 15 yrs. I have a history of alcohol abuse, on medical file, but not public
A felony DUI is a very serious charge. If you have also failed to appear at court then you may have a warrant placed...
How strict is the stay away from alcohol condition after a DUI?
I have court supervision for a first offender DUI in Illinois. Pretty much got the minimum for what is mandatory in Illinois. But I'm confused about the staying away from alcohol part. I go to the breast cancer run that has alcohol at the end of the run. My brother is getting married in las Vegas, can I even go? It's Las Vegas and a wedding. How strict is this condition of my supervision?
If abstaining from alcohol was a condition of your sentence, then I would give serious thought about drinking if I were...
How long will my license be suspended for? Is there anything I can do to shorten the time?
I am looking for answers and or options. I got 3 speeding tickets during the age of 16, I then got my license suspened for 1 month but during that time period I got pulled over again for speeding(17 at this time) and the police saw I was driving on a suspensed license. I have paid off all my speeding tickets on time. I am 17 years old like I mentioned before. I have court for this violation in a couple days. I realize I have made mistakes and I've learned from them. I am wondering how long there going to tell me my license is gone this for this time and if there is anything I can do to shorten the time.
Hire an experienced DWI attorney as soon as possible.
Son was ticketed for aiding and abetting because let his drunk buddy drive his car and they hit a tree. Does he need a lawyer?
They're both Marines in North Carolina. My son had bought the car the previous day and his friend just wanted to drive. No other cars or people were involved. His friend was charged with DWI. Just wants to know what kind of penalty he could face.
YOUR SON IS CHARGED WITH A CRIME AND ABSOLUTELY NEEDS A LAWYER ASAP. Make sure he retains a criminal defense lawyer...