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  • Wrongful-death judgment nixed in NYC boy's '79 disap...

    Monday Aug 1 | via CBS Atlanta 

    A 19-year-old man who shot and killed three people at a party in suburban Seattle was so unfamiliar with his newly purchased AR-15 semi-automatic rifle that he parked his car across the street and read the... A 19-year-old man who shot and killed three people at a party in suburban Seattle was so unfamiliar with his newly purchased AR-15 semi-automatic rifle that he parked his car across the street and read the firearm's... Prosecutors and defense lawyers tried to reach an agreement Monday on how much prison time former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca should serve for trying to thwart an FBI investigation into abuses at the jails... Former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca withdrew a guilty plea Monday and chose to go to trial on a charge of lying to federal authorities in an effort to thwart an FBI investigation into abuses at the jails he ran.


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Failing to install IID
I was convicted of a 2nd DUI 09/25/2014 in NYC and as a condition was told to install a IID. While planning to sell the car. I had gotten my car back from the impound in January 2015. Since then my license was revoked for 6 months therefore i was not able to drive the car. When the revocation was lifted, license was still in suspended status therefore sill unable to drive and unable to go to install the IID in the car. It has been a year and I had gotten a call from my attorney indicating that the ADA has called and informed that I have violated the terms of the order. What can I do? what can be the outcome?
The fact that your license was revoked and you were not allowed to drive did not mean you didn't need to get the IID...
My son has 2 dui from 7 years ago. he wants to get a pharmacy technician certification , can he work as a pharmacy tech in NJ
The 2 DUI are 7 years old..all requirements, fees , rehab, community service were all satisfied at the time of the DUI. He had his CDL license reinstated after the year, but can not get a driving job so has worked in a warehouse. He wants to improve his career but I don't want him to spend more money on a PT certification if he is not able to be hired because of the DUI s. . Does the pharmacy technician position have the same problem that people wanting to be nurses have if the have DUI?
The "problem" comes from two places - the certifying agency and the employers. BOTH would have to get past this, and...
Charged with a DUI but my lawyer put in a stay on the case for an appeal - but the charges were still put through by the twp.
My fiance blew a 0.08 he was charged with DUI & fleeing the scene of an accident. We sat at trial until 1:30 AM the alcho test was thrown out and he was still charged. They gave him 9 months loss of lic. this was May 16th 2013. Our lawyer asked the judge for a stay in the case so we can appeal the judge agreed, well we still recieved all the charge papers, surcharges loss of licence etc but according to our lawyer the township wasnt allowed to put all that through yet because we had a STAY in the case pending the appeal. So now my fiance has had a loss of licence for 3 months and a risk of losing his job over something that the township was supposed to HOLD on charging him with because of the judge apprving a stay in the case, does this sound wrong??
Yes, if a stay was issued none of the penalties should have been imposed. You should speak with the lawyer who...
Is jail time mandatory for a 3rd DUI conviction?
I have a friend that was recently arrested for his 3rd DUI. The 1st offense was over 10 years from the 2nd. The 2nd and 3rd are within 4 years of each other. All were in the state of NJ. He was arrested for the 3rd while his license was still suspended from the 2nd. He has not gone to court yet for the 3rd offense. This time he can not afford a lawyer. Will there be a mandatory jail time for this 3rd offense? If so, is there any possibility that a lawyer can change that?
Short answer, yes. That he was suspended for the 2nd DWI when he was charged with the 3rd makes the situation worse.
Had a DUI in Pennsylvania in 2010. I was not convicted until April of 2012 - my 1st ever DUI was in NJ in October of 2001.
I just realized that this should have counted as a first since PA has a 10-year look back period and as I understand it they go by the conviction date. So, April 2012 is more than 10 years since my first DUI in 2001. The DUI in Pennsylvania is not on my New Jersey Motor Vehicle Abstract and I was never sanctioned in any way by the NJ Division of Motor Vehicles. So, I never lost my ability to drive or was fined, etc. My NJ Driver's Abstract has 1 DUI on it from October of 2001. I was recently stopped in Oregon and charged with DUI and they have a 15 year look back period. I have not been convicted and have several reasons why I will seek dismissal. Can they try to charge me as a 3rd time offender when this would be a first in New Jersey? I had a medical issue and have been in AA daily for 5 years, 6 months and 20 hours of continuous sobriety. I was withdrawing from benzodiazepines which I have been on for 29 years as I am permanently disabled and since I was travelling, my NJ doctor didn't refill my prescription. I was in a panic with tremors and fear of seizure (seizures are common with immediate cessation of either alcohol or benzodiazepines) and a I had a few beers.
No. In NJ it goes by the date of the offense (or everyone with 8 years would skip out for 2 years before they went to...
Will I be extradited to Oregon form a DUI charge (1st offense ever in OR - I live in New Jersey).
I am an Alcohol & Drug Counselor in New Jersey. Have an old DUI in New Jersey from 2001. I am involved in AA daily and had 5 years, 6 months, 5 -days and 19 hours without a drink. I work in Rehabs, Hospital Detox Centers, Behavioral Health Centers here in NJ - speaking to patients about recovery. I had a serious medication problem while visiting my brother in Oregon and was going through benzodiazepine withdrawal and was concerned about having a seizure. As I teach all of this on a regular basis, I know that the only 2 drugs that can give you seizures upon immediate cessation or a drastic lowering of dose. Well, I made a poor decision - but I was panicking - and I decided that having some beer with my dinner might alleviate my tremors and fear of seizure. I ended up getting stopped for DUI and was given a breathalyzer which showed .16. Don't know how that number came up because I am 6'3" tall and 205 pounds and consumed the beer over 2 hours and was not given the breathalyzer until a couple hours later. I was having severe nausea and acid reflux. I was treated at a local Urgent Care Center in Oregon for severe benzodiazepine withdrawal. Any thoughts? My job and AA are my life.
The medical issue is yours but getting behind the wheel made it the State's problem. Oregon will likely not extradite...
Any idea Wheaties going on? I should not have been charged at the first place since I took all my documents the following day
4/26/2016 at about 3 am got pulled over for unsafe lane change on a one lane street, he asked whatsoever in my bag and I handed him my prescription bottle and explained they are prescribed by doctors, he asked if I have the prescription, I politely responded no pharmacist won't give it back (!), He asked me to get out of the car; I noticed another police car showed up.Then instructed me to do the walk test no problem so far, then the third police car showed up, at this time 2 hours has passed and I am getting nerves, tired, embarrassed by the whole situation Then the 4th car showed up, then I was asked to repeat the same test all over again, I said nothing but got aggravated, and they could see it in my face, I was asked by the 4th officer “ are you nerves? “ No I responded just embarrassed and tired, I have been standing on my legs for more 2 hours 10 weeks later I called to see if I can have my prescription back, they asked about a blue ticket, I said i was never given one. A week later I get a few letters from township / police department to come in and two court dates. Following day I went with all the documents and copies of prescription
First issue is determine is whether there was probable cause to stop you. Being detained at the scene for more than...