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Hello, I've just got my 3rd DUI. I live and have been a resident of MN for the last 15 years.
My first DUI was in WI 20 years ago My 2nd was 2 1/2 years ago in MN My 3rd a month ago in WI I have a WI attorney. My WI attorney mentioned that i should sit down w/a MN lawyer and discuss ramifications, steps to take, ect. I am a low income individual I've attempted to contact Pro Bono attorney's w/very little luck. I need to sit down w/a knowledgeable MN attorney and go thru some ?'s at an affordable rate. My question(s) is this: Do you happen to have/know of (A) a receptive,knowledgeable pro bono outfit in the DUI arena in Hennepin Cty preferably close to MG, (B) a knowledgeable attorney that i could sit down with for a half hour or so for $50-$100. Sorry, but i am just not having any luck and want to be proactive w/this. I've been assessed and am going to a 48 hour class. tia
Attorneys here do not solicit clients. I suggest you make a few phone calls. Tricia Dwyer Esq.
Husband got DWI, all cars in house are to get "Whiskey Plates" can I legally change my title to just my name?
My husband got a DWI driving his car, but because my car's title is also in his name, they want to give me "Whiskey plates" as well. Is there a way to change my title to just my name? Maybe have him sign a document saying he wont drive my car?
This a very frustrating part of the DWI law. My advice is to contact a DWI attorney to go over your options in more detail.
'02and'08 dui's-30-days jail w/work release 2nd time-wondering if I am permitted into Canada and Europe? passport good til '16
hopefully planning a trip...
Europe should be fine. Canada will be difficult. There are attorney in the states that border Canada that may be able...
Can you fight wiskey plates? First time DWI with a .16 reading. I got my original plates impounded at the time of the arrest.
I was issued regular plates until my case went through. Then I got a letter from the DMV that the original plates and the second plates were impounded within 7 days from the letter.
Yes, you can fight whiskey plates, but you only have a limited time to do it. The legislature only gives you 30 days...
Did I wait to long
I was pulled over under suspicion of dwi on August 20, blood tested, and for let go and that I'd hear something in a few weeks. Its now January 24 and I just got notified I was at. 08. I was told if I didn't hear anything in 30 days, it wouldn't matter. Is this true?
Ok, so there are a couple of different angles to explore in your question. First, if you just received your license...
First-time DWI offender clarifying probation terms???
I was pulled over for a DWI in February and blew a .24 and was originally charged with four counts of DWI. I've already had the court hearing and three of the charges were dropped so I was charged with a 4th degree DWI. My probation calls for attending all classes/sessions appointed by my chemical dependency advisor (already completed) and to obey all laws. The question I need help clarifying is this statement in the letter from my probation officer "In addition, you are to have no violations of the law and no use of any mood-altering chemicals during your period of probation." Wondering if this means I cannot drink alcohol at all for 2 years now or if I even get a speeding ticket, I may have to serve some jail time. I know this seems far-fetched but just wanted some clarification.
If you want clarification you should probably get it from your probation officer. Speeding tickets generally won't...
Charged with DWI for a .07 level
I was issued a Tab charge for a DWI last night. My test at the station read 0.07. Will I be able to get the charges dropped? The field test read 0.091
Assuming the limit in MN is .o8 and you are not under 21 this is the kind of dui charge you should be able to reduce or...