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My son was told he'd have to do 5 days for a dui he got is there anything we can do so that he doesn't have to go to jail?
My son got a dui in a different county was in jail for almost 14 hours before he was released they said his blood alcohol was .2 when we went to court the judge said he'd have to do 5days in jail because of his level being so high, he just got a new job so jail time isn't gonna help him keep this job, he lost his last job because of all of this. The judge issued another court date pending the advice of a lawyer I guess.
Maybe your son should consult with a local attorney. There may be alternatives to 5 days in jail like work release or...
Is there a time limit on signing up for AWP and where to start first?
I received a Wet/Reckless (blew .08 three times) In Feb 2012. I went to court, plead guilty minimal fine and classes. Got license back but never paid fine or went to class. In March 2014 received DUI (blew .11) Also turned prior 'into' a DUI. Received 3 or 4 days of AWP but never signed up. Now have arrest warrant.
You're going to need to hire an attorney to not only handle the DUI but the probation violation charge. There also may...
Who gave dmv authority to make decisions outside of the court?
I just got a second dui unfortunately. I went to court and was sentenced 9 months dui classes. Dmv is telling me mandatory 18 month classes. How can dmv make this decision legally? Who gave them authority to make my consequences worse than the judge? And if this is "mandatory" then why wouldn't the judge just say 18 months to begin with so offenders aren't feeling jerked around? This just doesn't make sense to me. If i do the 9 months only, will the dmv withhold my license forever? Can I just move to another state after the 9 months and get a license there? This is the main reason i ask, i was suppose to move this week to nevada and am not wanting to stay in cali for IA for the next 18 mo ths Ugh, so many questions, please help!
The CA Legislature made the laws and the DMV is responsible for enforcing the vehicle code in certain circumstances as...
Over 20 years ago I was arrested for a DUI. Will this show on live scan?
My arrest was not violent, no one was injured, no accident. I was stopped in front of my home. I was convicted and went to school, paid a $1500.00 fine, did 4 days community service. recently I applied for supplement pay to help offset my expenses to help care for my disabled grandchild.
Probably not, but the only way to be sure is to request a report for yourself. Costs about $30.
I'm 20 years old I have 2 dui and a felony drug charge what am I looking at
I'm a full time student these are the only things on my record and I don't want a felony charge
You may be diversion eligible on the drug charge if it is a crime of possession. The 2 DUIs pending a the same time...
Charged with DUI with BAC of .24. Anyway to plea down the DUI school requirement of 9 months
I want to know if the 9 month school is negotiable with the DA assuming that it is an open and shut case otherwise.
program is required by the DMV for any recorded alcohol level from the court of point 20 or greater. If the district...
In 1988 I got a 4th dui, which is a felony in California. Will that keep me from buying a firearm?
That's pretty much it. I have not gotten a dui since and now have a Class A.
A convicted felon can not possess a firearm. you should go to court and get the case dismissed and cleared from you...