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  • Investigation into jail death continues Updated at

    Friday Aug 21 | via RecordNET 

    The San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office said Friday it will take several weeks to determine how a woman died Wednesday while in custody at the San Joaquin County Jail. Celestine Allen, 50, was found unresponsive in her cell sometime Wednesday evening, the Sheriff's Office said.


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  • Two Chico residents arrested in human trafficking case

    Friday Jul 31 | via Chico Enterprise-Record 

    San Luis Obispo >> Two Chico residents have been arrested on suspicion of human trafficking after allegedly conspiring to force a 15-year-old girl into prostitution, police said. Fabio Bettencourt Silveira, 20, and Brianna Day Morales, 20, were arrested by San Luis Obispo police Tuesday, when the authorities tracked a missing 15-year-old Manteca girl to a San Luis Obispo hotel, according to a press release issued by the San Luis Obispo Police Department.


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  • SLO police free 15-year-old girl from forced prostit...

    Thursday Jul 30 | via Cal Coast News 

    San Luis Obispo police rescued a 15-year-old girl from forced labor as a prostitute and arrested three suspects on human trafficking charges Tuesday. Both the girl and the primary suspect, a 16-year-old male, are from Manteca, a Central Valley city.


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  • Santa Maria Police Explorers Take Part in Central Va...

    Jul 22, 2015 | via Noozhawk 

    Members of the Santa Maria Police Explorers participated in the Fifth Annual Central Valley Explorer Competition earlier this month in Manteca From July 16 to 19, the Santa Maria Police Explorers participated in the Fifth Annual Central Valley Explorer Competition held at East Union High School in Manteca, California. Eleven SMPD Explorers participated and were evaluated in 16 reality-based scenarios including Suicidal Subject, Downed Officer Rescue, High Risk Vehicle Stop, Family Disturbance, Shooting Skills, Obstacle Course, DUI Investigation, Hostage Rescue, Bus Assault, Active Shooter, Hostage Negotiations, Vehicle Search, Burglary in Progress, Suspicious Person, Traffic Stop, Suspicious Vehicle and Crime Scene Investigation.


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  • Shotgun-blast victim drives to PD for help

    Jul 15, 2015 | via RecordNET 

    The victim arrived at the Police Department at 6:12 p.m. after suffering what appeared to be a shotgun blast to the left cheek, Sgt. Gregg Beall said.


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Manteca Law

Who gave dmv authority to make decisions outside of the court?
I just got a second dui unfortunately. I went to court and was sentenced 9 months dui classes. Dmv is telling me mandatory 18 month classes. How can dmv make this decision legally? Who gave them authority to make my consequences worse than the judge? And if this is "mandatory" then why wouldn't the judge just say 18 months to begin with so offenders aren't feeling jerked around? This just doesn't make sense to me. If i do the 9 months only, will the dmv withhold my license forever? Can I just move to another state after the 9 months and get a license there? This is the main reason i ask, i was suppose to move this week to nevada and am not wanting to stay in cali for IA for the next 18 mo ths Ugh, so many questions, please help!
The CA Legislature made the laws and the DMV is responsible for enforcing the vehicle code in certain circumstances as...
Over 20 years ago I was arrested for a DUI. Will this show on live scan?
My arrest was not violent, no one was injured, no accident. I was stopped in front of my home. I was convicted and went to school, paid a $1500.00 fine, did 4 days community service. recently I applied for supplement pay to help offset my expenses to help care for my disabled grandchild.
Probably not, but the only way to be sure is to request a report for yourself. Costs about $30.
I'm 20 years old I have 2 dui and a felony drug charge what am I looking at
I'm a full time student these are the only things on my record and I don't want a felony charge
You may be diversion eligible on the drug charge if it is a crime of possession. The 2 DUIs pending a the same time...
Charged with DUI with BAC of .24. Anyway to plea down the DUI school requirement of 9 months
I want to know if the 9 month school is negotiable with the DA assuming that it is an open and shut case otherwise.
program is required by the DMV for any recorded alcohol level from the court of point 20 or greater. If the district...
In 1988 I got a 4th dui, which is a felony in California. Will that keep me from buying a firearm?
That's pretty much it. I have not gotten a dui since and now have a Class A.
A convicted felon can not possess a firearm. you should go to court and get the case dismissed and cleared from you...
What constitutes a DUI on Ambien? The warning label says "take care while driving or operating heavy machinery".
I have a DUI trial coming up on 3-17-14 related to Ambien. I was not drinking, the medication is prescribed to me, and it is necessary when I have hypomanic episodes for sleep. At the time I was taking Ambien, Trileptal, and Seroquel. All prescribed to me, taken responsibly, before bedtime with my girlfriend caring for me. According to my girlfriend, I woke up around 1:30AM, bizarre behaviors, and then got dressed and said I was going to the store. I ended up totaling my truck and being arrested for a DUI. This happened in August 2011. The city filed 5 days before one year, and the trial has been postponed many times by me so I could gather more info, and them because the arresting officer was out on leave. I'm desperate to win and need some strategies.
The operative terms are "under the influence" it can be alcohol, unprescribed drugs or prescribed ones! People taking...
Must I answer questions or produce ID at a Drivers license / DUI checkpoint ?
I recently drove through a DL / DUI checkpoint and random drivers were being directed into a parking lot for screening. I was not so directed. In the past I have refused to answer questions at DUI checkpoints and been waved through. I had not been drinking and had nothing to hide. This scenario is new to me. Am I legally required to submit to and cooperate with this ?
Yes, you are. It is not optional.