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  • Christian Taylor, 19-Year-Old College Football Playe...

    Friday Aug 7 | via BleacherReport 

    Sophomore football player Christian Taylor of Angelo State University was shot and killed by a police offer in the Dallas suburbs just after 1 a.m. Friday morning, a Citing a statement from the Arlington Police Department, the Associated Press reported police responded to a burglary call after a car had been driven through the front window of the Classic Buick GMC car dealership in Arlington. Per the release, police arrived and approached Taylor before a struggle took place and the suspect was fatally shot by officer Brad Miller.


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Mansfield Law

Will a negative etg hair test prove that I was not drinking ina dwi charge where there is no blood or breath test?
I am a non drinker charged with a dwi. I smelled of alcohol because I am a bartender and was less than coherant due to a traffic accident.
That would not be helpful alcohol dissipates and it would not show up
Public Defender.
My 21 year old son was charged with DWI w/minor in car. His 14 yr sister-in-law was in the car when he was stopped. She was 3 weeks from turning 15. When he went to arraignment, the judge denied him a public defender because he admitted to smoking a marijuana cigarette 2 weeks before going to court. The judge's comment was "If he had enough money to buy marijuana, then he had enough money to hire a lawyer." He did not buy it the marjuana, a friend of his did. Is this a valid reason to deny someone free counsel if they cannot afford an attorney? We have just lost our house & we cannot afford to hire him a lawyer. What can I do to help him?
No, this is not a valid reason to deny a public defender. The variables which should be considered by the Court are: (...
How long until you get a ticket or arrested for DUI
If a person was stopped in Novemeber of 09, and was drinking how long will it be until they can get a ticket or arrested for DUI? The police report states causes as fail to control speed, unattention and followed to closely. The status for field testing is none for alchol or drugs. Can a ticket still be issued ?
If you were not arrested for DWI or DUI at the scene (which in Texas is what they charge minors who are driving with...
On probation for Dwi purchased a car under my name for my mom do I have to let probation officer know about the purchase?
I have a soberlink and have not driven a vehicle. Will be done with probation in a week. Will probation officer be able to find out about purchase??
I would look at the conditions of probation for yourself to see if you need to disclose this to him or her. If in...
DWI charges while employed for government contractor
I work for a large govt contractor and have security clearance, I was recently charged with a DWI and was taken to a hospital instead of going to jail. I did not have to pay any type of bail or bond in order to leave the hospital which it sounds like I should have. Would an arrest show up on my record? And as soon as the ticket is filed with the state I take it my charges are potentially discoverable by my employer? Also due to being a right to work state I take it I can legally be terminated before this even goes to trial and before the charges are legitimized or not?
You should contact an attorney who practices DWI criminal defense law in the county in which you had the DWI so that...
Immigration Daca Renewel Not Convicted of Minor DUI
i got arrested for MDUI But not being convicted Can I renew my daca
An attorney will need to review the court documents to determine how USCIS will interpret the issue. Some criminal...
How does a DUI affect my green card application?
My DACA expired in June. I got married to my girlfriend of 5 years in May. But i was arrested for a DUI in February. She is a US Citizen in college and we have a son together. How will this affect my green card application? Without having to leave the country? I know i cannot apply for DACA.
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