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Hi; I have a dui in FL, Fl hardship, license, 6 mo probation until I can get full license back.
One of the requirements is to submit a Blood Alcohol Test, NO ALCOHOL, NO Drugs test and mail it to them. Where can I have this done?
Look for private walk in clinics for assistance here. Specifically the ones that offer pre-employment and employment...
Can someone be charged with a DUI after a car accident if they were never arrested initially & released after a hospital visit?
So my friend was involved in a single car accident driving home late after drinking smh, this is the first time this has ever happened (so no one really knows what to expect next) but he was not breathalyzed, his liscense was not confiscated, no one was killed or seriously injured thank gosh. He did run through a jersey barrier and total his car and damage the barrier however no ones property (house, car etc)was destroyed. He was taken to the hospital and he is pretty sure they took his blood which I'm sure is normal procedure. He will be accessing copies of his medical records and attempting to ask for a police report. Is there a possibility that he will be arrested after the fact? His medical records are HIPPA protected however is there a possibility that the police can legally access them anyways? He is stalking his mailbox for the dreaded notice of appearance to court.
I change the category to criminal defense. Best wishes.
Can my psychiatrist or the facility be held accountable for letting me drive away drunk?
I got an oui back in the fall, and am currently on probation. Originally I went to see my psychiatrist while drunk, and she turned me away and told me to leave, nobody helped me, or stopped me. And I continued to drink and eventually got an oui after I parked my car off the side of the highway.
The facility does not have an obligation to intervene and prevent you from committing a crime. You are responsible for...
Where can I find the form to motion the judge, that found me not guilty of my second oui, to reinstate my licsense.?
My friend was found not guilty of his second o.u.i. We went to see a hearings officer and he said we need to file a motion for that same judge to give permission to reinstate my friends license. We were then told that the blank form would be at the clerk magistrates office..well it wasn't. The woman behind the desk then directed me to the law library where I did find samples of many forms, but I wasn't sure which one we needed!
Please ask your question again in the DUI or criminal defense sections of this avvo service
Should I get a lawyer or stay with a public defender?
I got 6 criminal chargers which are Unregistered MV Fail to stop at stop signs Attaching plates Refuse to stop Operate MV without license Unregistered MV I just want to know what can be done in my case. I don't have a regular court date I have a clerks magistrates hearing
You don't get a public defender for a clerk magistrate's hearing because it is considered a civil hearing and not...
Can you be charged with driving with revoked license if you have never been issued a license?
My husband was stopped while driving with an international license which is not an acceptable license to drive with in mass, but they charged him with driving with a revoked license. From my understanding he was never issued a mass license therefore cannot have a revoked license. In addition was charged with not wearing a seatbelt. I was under the impression seatbelt laws were enforced with tickets not arrests.
The correct charge should be "unlicensed operation." That is an arrest able offense, not the seat belt violation. It is...
I got a dui in California and I'm disabled also own a home in Brockton ma. With all the fee s I cannot afford to pay for them.
I own a home in mass and would like to have it transferred from ca. To ma. Because of all the fines and I am disabled and could live there for a less expensive home? 1st is it even possible? 2nd how do I go about it. And it's my 2nd dui PLEASE ADVISE THANK YOU STEPHEN A. KAIRIS
All things are possible consult with your criminal and real estate Attorney's for your plan of action.