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If the cop doesn't show up for court can the dui still be dismissed and what happens with the dmv
If the cop does not show, the prosecutor will request an adjournment, and the charge will not be dismissed at least for...
my license was suspended for failure to pay fines, and I was stopped and received a driving on suspended. I paid all fines-including that one, as well as reinstatement fees and my license was reinstated. Now, 5 months later, the dmv has notified me that I must serve a 90 day suspension for the driving on suspended.
You'll need to speak to a qualified DUI attorney in the state were your arrest occurred for the answer to that question..
Was arrested for DUI in May of 2010. The criminal case was dismissed for lack of evidence and the officer never showed. My first dmv hearing was in dec. of 2010. In which the officer didn't show. The second scheduled hearing was scheduled in the spring of 2011 and continued to another date. Finally had the second hearing a year later in the spring of 2012. That summer I got a DUI in Ohio. Once they turned it into the DMV in January of 2013, then they issued a year long suspension starting in march. The DMV is saying this is my second even though there was no decision on the first. With no sign of a third hearing in sight to fight the first alleged DUI arrest. Help.
The only advice I can give you is to hire an attorney. Good luck. Jasen Nielsen
What is he required to do now in order to get a legal drivers license in W.Va except pay fines and court costs?
Even though 6 years ago, your Son did not have a driver's license, the DMV still assigns a case / file # to him, so...
Hi I got my first DUI last month. I don't have an attorney and was wondering if I will need to enroll in a DUI class to get my license reeinstated. If so,can I do that before my hearing? Also do I plead guilty or no contest? Is there a difference in penalty? I can't lose any time off work due to no license. Please help. Thank you
Most states have "DUI" classes for you to attend once you are convicted for a DUI.Usually the court will give you an...
My girlfriend told me she needs to have a blow & go installed in a vehicle in order to obtain a drivers license. Back in 2010 her husband at the time jumped into her vehicle after drinking at a bar, he was only supposed to go to work an come home. When he didn't come home she went looking for him in his mother's car an found her car at a bar parking lot she entered the establishment. An arrangement was trying to be made to get home safely all tho two vehicles where at the business location. An argument developed while discussing the means to get home. An the 220lb husband jumped in behind the wheel an sped off. Wife gave chase.. a mile down the road husband rolls wife's car... Wife charged with PERMITTING A DUI. Lawyer beat the permitting charge but was charged with obstruction.
You have given details about an incident a few years ago but I don't know why. Do you have a question?
The state of WV dropped the permitting to drive at the court house, but dmv charged her, SHE didn't contrary it in time. This has been a few years ago. All she wants is advice on how to get her license back. Or asks someone to help her. She has told the dmv several times that she isn't married to the bone head any more so I don't see why I have to pay to have a blow an go installed in my vehicle for her when she's not the drunk, hee idiotic x husband is. This all cost her marriage an wants to take some legal action against WV. They did her wrong, an it's taken a heavy toll on her life an mine.
It's difficult to answer your question without knowing what she was charged with or what specific administrative...