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Can I get an underage drinking citation taken off of my record? (As soon as possible)
I was at a party on homecoming weekend, and the party was busted. There were a few people who were over 21, but they breathalyzed everyone and handed out citations. I need to keep my record clean, and was wondering if there is a class in Mankato I can take to get this off of my record, or if I should go talk to a hearing officer about it, or if I should try to get my record expunged myself? This is my first offense, and my record is otherwise clean. My citation gives me a phone number and website where I can pay the fine, however it has not yet been added to the website so I don't know how much the fine is. I may go down to the Blue Earth County Courthouse this weekend and see how they can help me. Any advice please?
I would first suggest contacting some attorneys in Blue Earth County who are familiar with the court's (and prosecutor'...
Can i count on my public defender to do a good job for me?
charged with 3rd degree dui because over .2 limit. i cannot afford a lawyer at this point and would just like to plea it out and hoped for a 4th degree. i am worried the public defender won't really care as much as an attorney i hire. i am also worried about my driver's license and I know the public defender cannot help me with that. i am a responsible person with a good job and no tickets in 5 years. not sure what to do because if you call an attorney they scare you into thinking you will be in trouble without them.....but I cannot come up with 3500 dollars to hire one and am relying on the public defender. i really would just like to plead guilty to a 4th degree if possible. i am really scared and worried that if i cannot come up with money I will not get treated as well.
Many public defenders do an excellent job representing clients. The problem is that they simply have too many cases to...
I was given a citation for underage consumption without being breathalyzed, what shall I plead?
Admittedly, I was slightly drunk but I wasn't breathalyzed. On the other hand, I think the officer asked me if I was drunk and I might have said 'yes' (I can't remember). Would it be plausible for me to plead innocent and win the case on the grounds of lack of proper evidence from the officer?
First, the prosecution would only have to prove that you had consumed alcohol and that you were under 21 or in the...
Is a minor a misdemeanor or a citation?
I am a college student and I got a citation for underage consumption last night. The officers never stated that this was a minor, they just handed me a ticket and I walked away. I am looking at the ticket right now and at the top it reads "citation" what does this mean?
The actual paperwork I'm your hand is the citation; however, you are bring charged with a misdemeanor. If you elect to...
How do I go about talking to a prosecutor before my trial to try to prevent a conviction?
I am going to court next week for an Underage Consumption ticket. The fine is about $177. My record is perfectly clean and I would like to keep it that way. I was told I should talk to a prosecutor before the case to see if he/she can offer me some kind of disposition to keep this off my record and/or reduce the fine. Problem is the case is first thing in the morning at 8:30 and I'm not sure I'll have the time/resources to find out who is prosecuting my case and meet with them beforehand. A friend of mine who went to court for a disturbing the peace charge told me that at the start of the trial they took "roll call" and gave him the option of either talking to the judge or the prosecutor, but I'm not sure if they will do the same for me.
Normally there is no need to talk to the prosecutor before the first court appearance. Typically there will be an...
I was recently issued an underage consumption ticket and hope to get the fine reduced or preferably have the case dismissed.
Me and a friend had a couple beers in a friends dorm during the super bowl . Ra's heard bottles clinking and called public safety in . My friend forgot his ID which is the only reason the police were called in . I admitted to supplying the six pack and to drinking some . I blew a . 014 and was issued a ticket for underage consumption . This is my first charge and my record is clean other than that . The officer told me the fine would be $ 177 dollars . I am supporting myself working part time at minimum wage and this fine would be about half a months paycheck which I use to pay for school , gas and rent . Any arguments I could use to persuade the judge to lessen the fine ? Also I was told that if the police officer doesn't show up to the trial the case is dismissed automatically . Is this true at all ?
It would be beneficial for you to first talk to the prosecutor to see if they may be willing to offer you some...
I got a DUI in 2005 but DID NOT have a CDL, I just got my 2nd in October of this year. I live in MN, does the first DUI count?
I have been convicted, my lawyer does not know the answer to this question. I am in search of some help. I went to court yesterday and it was a 3rd degree DUI. Can I get my CDL back in a year.
Most likely your CDL will be suspended for a year. You can always fight the suspension in an administrative hearing (...