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What's going to happen now? How can I fix this?
I was sentenced to 30 days for 7 driving on a suspended license. I am not on probation. I did not turn myself in, and it's over a year later. I had to work, and provide for my children as my wife is sick and unable to work. I am ready to do my time, but I want to know what time I am looking at now? And how to go about turning myself in?
Contact the attorney who represented you at sentencing. He or she is familiar with your case and is in the best...
Totaled my car yesterday, Underage drinking.
Wrecked my car into a telephone pole,cops were called. Cuffed me, took me to the station and did my field test. An I think I blew a 2.2 not sure. Then took me in to do blood test. Now what's going to happen? Will I have to face jail time? How long will my license be suspended. An what other. Things could happen? Or can I go to classes? Its my first offence.
Since you don't mention it, I assume there were no injuries in the accident. You need to retain a qualified criminal...
Multiple first offense DUIs
I have 3 first offense DUIs. I wasn't convicted of my first by the time I got my third so they had to charge me all together as one. This was in 2012 and they told me I lost my license for 4 years.. well it's pushing 5 years and now penndot s website is saying I don't get it back for another 5 years. Yes, I handed in my license immediately and have completed everything the judge ordered with no issue. My question is since I don't technically have a second or third offense DUI can I qualify for a work license?
Have you inquired with PennDOT as to why your license is suspended for an additional 5 years? That may be something...
DUI license‚Äč suspended .. turned in my license 5 years ago and found out they just started my suspension
In 2012 I got 3 first offense DUIs. I wasn't convicted of the first by the time I got the third so the grouped them all together. I was told back then I lost my license for 4 years and now it's approaching 5 years. The more I look into my court records I'm seeing they really screwed up. Apparently my first suspended sentence just started a year ago and I have a 5 year sentence starting this month. There's no way this can be.. I got screwed over bad and don't know where to start
Your search for answers begins with your attorney. He or she is in the best position to offer guidance and advice....
How much longer can my gf be in jail for a failure to pay a fine for a suspended license bench warrant?
My girlfriend got arrested yesterday for a bench warrant for driving with a suspended license, she saw the judge at 1:30 today and still is not released, do you know how long they can hold her for? and when most lilely she will be released? the cops told me it should be today after she sees the judge.
Well, if she's given jail for her offenses, she'll be in for however long the sentence is. You really need to speak...
Can I get a DUI if the cop didn't read me my Miranda rights until after everything was done?
About a month ago I got my second DUI...I blew .12 but haven't had any trouble in seven years...The cop arrested me after failing the breathalyzer test and did not read my my rights until after I was fingerprinted had my picture taken and was told I was over the limit which he did not confirm until we arrived at the precinct. I was handcuffed an put in the back of the police car with being read my rights. Can I still be convicted?
Contrary to what you see on TV. They are required to read your Miranda rights only if they ask you questions as part of...
How do street drugs affect alcohol monitors
If I smoke marijuana does it affect the alcohol monitor or using cocaine?
It would not show up at all on a breath test for alcohol. They would either have to test your blood or do a swab of...