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If on DUI probation, after revocation period is over do i still have to install the interlock device?
I got a revocation for one year for DUI, i have 5 year probation, they said i had to install a interlock device for one year. but now after the revocation period is over, one year has passed. can i get my regular license back without installing the device?
Speak with your probation officer. It's most likely up to them whether or not you can remove the IID. Need to look at...
How can I beat this DUI charge
I left my Debit Card at a gas station pump in Harrison, New York and returned almost two hours after closing to search for it. I found it but as I was returning to my car a police officer arrived and asked me why I was in a closed gas station, when I replied that i was looking for a lost debit card, he asked me if I lived in the area and where I was from, and shined his flashlight at me. He asked me to turn the car off and called for back up, they asked me to search my car and found a small amount of marijuanna. They arrested me and charged me with DUI, however I was not charged with possession of marijuana nor I did not take a blood test. I was also outside of the car when they arrived. What can I do?
There may be a suppression issue regarding asking to search the car. Hire a good criminal defense lawyer.
Questions Regarding Escorting Part 2
From my understanding Backpage and Craigslist are the ones most often targeted in police stings; I have to believe that the reason for this is because usually the cops are after people who are also involved in drug dealing and other sorts of crimes tied in with prostitution. The way I see it prostitution (money for sex) is the bait to try and lure these crooks in. Even if the person seeking it isn't involved in drugs and other crimes associated with prostitution the cops figure "well if you're stupid enough to not know the difference between escorting and prostitution and you're obviously breaking the law, hey we're going to arrest you because you're choosing to not obey the law" That's why a lot of otherwise innocent people get caught in "the line of fire". Am I right?
I often wondered why they call them "escorts," because they certainly don't take you anywhere. However, that aside, no...
Will a DWAI in NY and a misdemeanor drunk and disorderly in Fla, both over 10 years old, prevent admission to Canada?
I plead guilty to DWAI in NY and received an ACOD, and also have a drunk and disorderly misdemeanor charge in Florida, but I'm planning a trip to Montreal, will I have a problem?
You cannot "plead guilty" to anything and, at the same time, "receive an ACOD". They are different. Pleading guilty is...
Will New York DMV know that I have warrant for a probation violation in Massachusetts when I go to get NY ID
I have a probation violation for misdemeanor assault and battery from 6 years ago. I have gotten ID in both California and Florida but I'm wondering about NY, as it is much closer geographically and may have different laws or systems in place. Just an I'd, not drivers liscence.
The best advice is to address your outstanding probation violation. No sense ignoring a problem which will never go...
Will I be denied for an TLC license if I had a DUI in nj.
7 month ago I got a DUI in the state of nj, I have a ny state license wich as of now doesn't reflect on my records of having any ofence. My concern is, will TLC will not consider my application for this out of state ofence.
1st, Your NJ lawyer could better answer the question of whether NJ will share that info with NY or whether it's shared...
Will I test positive for alcohol after drinking one shot 35% 15 hours later
I drank one shot at 7pm,I took a urine test at 11am the next morning,black berry brandy 35% alcohol.will the test come back positive?
This sounds like a questions, best answered by a medical professional