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  • Police Beat in Manhattan Beach

    Thursday Aug 27 | via Easy Reader News 

    A 2005 Porsche Carrera was stolen from the garage of a house on the 500 block of 1st Street some time between Aug. 14 to 16. To promote Sunday's Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race, from Catalina Island to the Manhattan Beach pier, local paddlers gathered at the Manhattan pier Monday morning for a restaging of a classic April 1987 photo of the South Bay's then hottest surfers. According to Manhattan Beach Police Department reports, a witness reported seeing an adult male enter a residence on the 1500 block of Voorhees Avenue at 6:45 a.m. on Aug. 17 by removing a screen and opening a window.


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  • Alleged intruder ordered to stand trial in Manhattan...

    Jul 29, 2015 | via San Gabriel Valley Tribune 

    A Hacienda Heights man was ordered Tuesday to stand trial for his alleged role in a frightening Manhattan Beach robbery that began when a couple returned home from a night out to find gunmen inside waiting for them and demanding the husband open his safe. Rodolfo Sanchez, 28, appeared to listen closely in Torrance Superior Court as the victim, 72-year-old Fred Stanger, told Deputy District Attorney Alexander Bott how two men jumped him, grabbed his neck and arm, and eventually tied him up with cloth and duct tape.


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  • The Animal Serial Killer Who Shot Cecil

    Jul 28, 2015 | via 

    A Minnesota dentist who allegedly shot and killed Zimbabwe's most famous lion had a history of shooting big game outside of legal hunting zones. In early July, a Minnesota dentist traded in his spray nozzle for a bow and arrow and apparently spent 40 hours stalking through a national park in Zimbabwe on the trail of a dying lion.


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Manhattan Beach Law

I'm 18 years old and just received my first DUI in California, what can i expect?
I turned 18 ten days ago. I do not know what I blew, but I drank four beers and weigh 130lbs. Please add any advice as I'm becoming more and more depressed
This offense could result in huge penalties. It is best that you contact an attorney in your area to discuss your options.
This is my 2nd offense of a dui charge and it was withing the 3yr dui probation is it worth paying the $125 for the dmv hearing
is it worth paying the 125 dollars for the dmv hearing?
The answer to your question depends on the facts of your case. For example, if there is no evidence that you were...
I got a 3rd DUI - my 2nd within 10 years the 1st one was 2001, 2nd 2005, 3rd 2012. what is the best way to proceed ?
I had a blood alcohol level of .186 if i remember correctly. i had a passenger with me over 21 but that person was worse than me and thats why i drove. i was pulling up to the hotel where i was staying when i got pulled over. i don't remember the reason i was given for being pulled over. the arresting officer allowed my friend to stay in the hotel where i was supposed to stay and didn't tow the car. i'm scared of loosing my job now if i go to jail for 1 year. suggestions ?
On your facts above, it looks like you got your 2nd DUI within 10 years, as the 2001 offense would "wash out"....
I need to do the ab541 program for a dui and show proof to court, but i am moving out of state. should i sign up and then go to
court. or go to court and have it transfered if possible
Schedule a court appearance. Explain the difficulty to the court. You might also retain an attorney, he or she can...
2nd DUI, first in Massachusetts 7 years ago, and first in CA
I recently got a DUI in California and I am very worried about the ramifications it may have. First, will CA know that I have a CWOF for a DUI in MA and 2nd what will CA do to my driving priviledges in MA? I will never return to CA other than to conclude my court case. Will I have to serve any jail time and will my license be suspended in MA? Please help!
Great question and great information. First, make sure you request an in-person DMV hearing in California if you...
Expunge DUI
7 years ago I was charged with DUI how can I expunge my record?
Technically in CA you can't. Under the penal code you can change your plea to not guilty. See 1203.4
Out of State DUI
I have a CDL A license in California, and I got a DUI in Nevada November of last year. Its August of this year and my license has never been suspended. My understanding is that my criminal case and my DMV case are 2 separate cases. My question is should I be worried that my license will get suspended at some arbitrary point in the future?
Of course you should be worried you license will be suspended at some point in the future. What happened with the...