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I received a underage consumption ticket in the state of New Jersey. Should I get a lawyer who is from the state and county in which I got my ticket or can I just find a lawyer here in NY? Should I even bother getting a lawyer? Meaning can I just get a public defendant for an underage drinking summons?
The lawyer who represents you must be licensed in New Jersey. You can only get a public defender if you qualify...
Im being charged in nassau county. This was 7 months ago. My lawyer told me i now have a new judge. I enrolled into a treatement counseling center and have been doing classes for the last 7 months. im very nervous that im going to get jail. i will lose my job. i have 5 character letters, plus able to show i passed all my urine tests in the center. how likely is it that they will give me jail?
Speaking as a nassau attorney, I can say that if it was an open plea or a cap plea where there was no guarantee of what...
I got two dwai's in New York, the first 19 years ago, the 2nd about 15 years ago. The first was a dwi plea bargained to a dwai. The second my breathylizer only read a dwai. Bot are traffic infractions. Outside of these being able to show on my drivers license for a period of 10 years which has expired, will either of these in anyway show in a investigative background check??
Unfortunately, they will show on an investigative report, unless the person or company asking limits their request to...
I have had two previous alcohol related charges in NY and mad a terrible mistake and received one in NJ. I went through rehabilitation, and was denied my license for 5 years in NY by the driver improvement unit. I am appealing the decision; I received a letter from NJ saying I have to pay a restoration fee to have my driving privileges reinstated. My question is if my appeal in NY does not work out can I get a NJ license? Will my name come up in the national driver registry?
I believe the information is shared.
I reaply ed in 2005 and they refused, can I reaply again?
You can reapply and if you are denied you need to exhaust your administrative remedies within TLC and then commence an...
I left a friend's house around 3 am. I had been drinking and was pulled over. I complied with everything the officer asked. When he did the Breathalyzer after pulling me over, he had to do it twice and the reading was .22 but at the precinct, it read .15. I know that both of these are bad and I'm hoping they over look the .22 bac because the officer did it twice. I wasn't in an accident. This is my first offense and I know I messed up. But I'm still worried and stressed about everything that happened. I am willing to pay the fines and take probation and do the AA but will they take the car from me as well? I had taken out a loan from my job for the car and I've been paying it back. I would like to know the worst and best possible outcomes for my problem. Thank you for your time.
Nassau County is aggressive about seizing cars used in DUI cases. Sometimes they make an offer to buy the car back but...
we are waiting for a hearing can he also get back pay
I don't understand your question. Please rephrase