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I was a Texas resident when I was pulled over for a DWI September 2012, since then I have moved to Louisiana. My Texas ALR suspension will end in a few days, should I apply for a Louisiana license, even though I still face possible suspension when my case goes to court? If I do this and am eventually convicted, will Louisiana take my license only for the duration of the Texas suspension or will it be a longer suspension? Will Louisiana give me a suspension as if I had the DWI in Louisiana, even though I was not a resident of Louisiana at the time of occurence? Will I be able to recieve a hardship license in Louisiana being that I technically was a current resident holding a valid license at the time it was suspended?
Apply for your license now. You probably will be able to keep it. Reinstate your privilege to drive in TX.
I am fighting this DWI and have applied (reported pending case on application), tested, interviewed and given a conditional offer of employment based upon my background check and drug sreening. Well it showed up on my background check. I was told my this potential employer HR Manager "why should be hire someone and spend all this money to train if they are going to jail". I am not going to jail for anything. I told them about this before I drove 867 miles to test. My DL is not suspended, and I have been through my admin hearing where my DL was cleared. Can this employer deny me employment based upon a Pending case? I have been unemployed for over a year and I need this job, beside this case doesn't have anything to do with my functions at this position.
Louisiana is an "at will employment" state...They can hire/fire you for no reason what so ever as long as they don't...
He does not drink. He is suffering from social anxiety which he is on medication. his sobriety was 0.00. they charged him with dui & improper lane usage. He showed the officer documents for his condition, but he didn't care. What can I do to help my son? He just got off probation & this will be his 4th dui. He was just getting his life back in order. Can you help please?
Meeting with and hiring a lawyer in your area is the best thing you can do to help your son. The State will likely try...
I also need the attorney to work with me on payments.
Try using the "Find a Lawyer" feature here on Avvo. You can also check with the local bar association in MS.
I moved out of state due to Hurricane Katrina. My attorney told me he could not help me till i came back home. But in the mean time a warrant was put out for my arrest and I was not in the state to take care of it. How can i clear up this mess without getting arrested. If i get arrested i will lose my job and won't have any way of paying the fines or taking care of my family.
You will have to deal with the warrant. Most likely that will involve coming back to LA. Do you still have the same...
Can us citizen get a passport while on probation for dwi?
Yes. But, don't try using it to get into Canada.
cost me $20000 for # 3 just a few months back. I've had enough.
You can always pull your support for the bond and she'd have to get another guarantor or go into custody.