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I got pulled over for a dui I blew a .08 on spot then got a blood test at the hospital this is my 1st offence what should I do?
Me and a friend went out for a few beers I had about 3-4 in a 2 hour period then on the way home I got pulled over for speeding and blew a .08 on the breathalizer then they took me to the hospital for a blood test no results back yet I was hopeing the half an hour between brethalizer and blood test would help lower my (bac) plus I ate a good bit prior to this this is my first offence and I was wondering what I can expect as punishment max. And min. And what I should do to protect my self
The good news is that you are at the lowest tier for a DUI in Pa. If all evidence in the case is not able to be...
Can I get a dui after the incedent?
I got in a fender bender and the police showed up. The officer asked if I was under the influence because I was acting kind of funny. I told him I was on my prescription inhaler and sleeping meds and that I was feeling funny even though I hadn't talked my sleeping meds since the night prior. He wrote me the citation for the accident and told me I was unfit to drive called me a cab and impounded my car. I'm worried he may be able to write me a dui after the fact. Is this possible?
Yes. It is possible that you will be charged. If so, speak privately and confidentially with an experienced criminal...
Can I be charged for dui? If nobody caught me behind the wheel.
When the cops arrived I was sleeping on the ground outside the car in someone's driveway. The car was not running the keys were in the ignition
You can be charged based on circumstantial evidence, for example, if you were the only person present, if the vehicle...
What are the chances of having my charges dismissed
I was pulled over DUI controlled substance impaired ability first offense in the state of Pennsylvania. First offense section 3802 subsection D2. Blood serum drawn tested positive for clonazepam which I have a prescription for breathalyzer was a 0.0 I was not drinking. The officer responded to a complaint of erratic driving he witnessed me leave a parking lot and followed me for less than an 8th of a mile before pulling me over. His criminal complaint states that I was traveling eastbound and went into the westbound Lane I did this because I was pulling onto a road that runs parallel to the bridge I was about to travel acrost.. it is a legal traffic maneuver at that intersection. He claims to have witnessed me with glassy eyes and slurred speech this was because I had been crying for 2 days waiting for cancer results and was emotionally distraught and the clonazepam was taken hours before I was pulled over.
You cannot drive with this medication in your system. That is the basis of the DUI not your breathalyzer. The stop...
How long will it take two coronas to clear your system for a urine screen
I'm 150 pound and drink 2 coronas will I past a urine screen Monday around 4pm
Alcohol dissipates at a rate of approximately .01% per hour. So you should be fine if you have consumed these 2...
What do you think will happen?
I was pulled over while under the influence of alcohol I wasn't speeding but it's my first offense of a dui and I did have a open bottle within the car as well and I had blood work done that same night I'm waiting for the results and a court date
This type of question is the reason you need to already be talking to an attorney. Here is what should happen, you...
Old M1 DUI issue. possible to reclassify, or reschedule, if wrongly classified?
in 2003 I recieved 2 DUI's in about a weeks time. my attorney had it listed as a 1st,-1st DUI. In 2008 I received another DUI, but my attorney didn't argue it as a 2nd DUI, instead he argued it as a third and I ended up in DUI court to avoid serious jail time. The problem is they scheduled it as a misdemeanor 1, instead of an M2, as is the case with a secondDUI. This has serious repercussions now for for my civil rights, and possibly my eligibility to serve in the military, as I am finding out now. I am also barred from owning a gun because of this. What are my options if any. my record shows a 1st-1st DUI M2, and a 3rd DUI M1.
Your attorney didnt argue it as a second because it wasnt. Based on your facts you had two prior DUI convictions. The...