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How do i report someone who is violating probation and driving with a dui ?
my boyfriend has been violating probation and he said his probation officer doesnt care that he smokes but im afriad of him getting caught driving with a dui and being high
You call the police. Or you call the probation officer. Or both. But there will be consequences, most likely for him....
Does OPT gets delayed/denied because of getting arrested (DWI which was later dropped to reckless driving) ?
I am a student on my F1 visa. Unfortunately, I got arrested for DWI at Manchester, NH on April 24th 2016. On August 2016, my charges was dropped to reckless driving. I graduated on Oct 16 2016 and applied for Opt on Oct 4 2016. It has been 113 days since I applied and my status online on USCIS website remains unchanged . I called USCIS to enquire about my status but after few days they mailed me saying my opt is still on pending consideration. I talked to my advisor on school and was told it might be delayed because of me getting arrested. Now Im worried about it getting denied. Any advise is appreciated and I m thankful in advance.
Yes, a DWI case will negatively affect your OPT.
How will a dwi(Sub) class a misdemeanor affect me in New Hampshire
I was convicted of dwai in new York state in 2012. Recent charge was under influence of drugs blood test Donot know results
If convicted the mandatory sentence is a 3 year loss of license, $750 fine plus 24% penalty assessment, mandatory time...
Is it legal for 2 states to ask for license reinstatement fees after DUI convictions?
I got a DUI 6 years ago in NH as a resident of NH. I once held a Massachusetts license. I've completed all my obligations and paid my $100 reinstatement fee to NH, but they said Massachusetts had a hold on my license. Massachusetts RMV said I had to have a hearing to prove that my DUI arrest was on my NH license. I had the hearing and they confirmed that, but now say I have to pay $100 reinstatement fee in order to get my NH license. This seems like some kind of double jeopardy. Because I once had a Massachusetts license that means I have to pay a fine to them even if the offense didn't occur in that state?
MA may be charging you a fee for reinstatement of your privileges to operate in MA. However, if you had a NH license...
Can I still drive in MA if my license in NH is suspended
My nh license is suspended , I have to go to MA can I drive in mass or will I get arrested
If you get caught, you will be arrested for Operating After Suspension. If you are a NH licensed driver and your NH...
Chances of winning dmv hearing and getting case dismissed
I crashed my car. No one saw but cops were called. I got arrested for dui underage and when we got back to the station I signed the form saying I comply with giving a breath test on the intoxilizer 5000. The officer seemed New and when I took the test it came up invalid or error, 4 individual times. i was later(about an hour) asked to take it again and I refused seeing as I had already given them four chances so they never were able to get an actual bac number. They still put refusal on my paper. What are the chances of winning the dmv hearing along with going to trial?
I think your chances of prevailing at the ALS hearing are good. And there's a good chance the breath test will not be...
Where can i find a sample motion to ask the NH District court to reopen a 1989 DUI/DWI case and remove the IDEP requirement?
After 25+ years, NH still has this requirement as pending. I would like a sample motion to ask the NH District court to remove the IDEP requirement since I have not drank in over 10 years. Thanks for any help.
Go to the "NH Courts" website and follow the links to circuit court, district division. Then click on "forms" and you...