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Hi, I sent in the application for an out of state hearing with Il s.o.s I live in Manchester MO. Everything was accepted and told I would have an answer in 180 days then received a letter saying I live within 30 miles of the border and my file was processed incorrectly and in error and disregard previous letter and I must come in for a formal hearing unless good cause is shown explaining why I cannot attend due to either economic, physical or medical reasons. Inconvenience does not constitute good cause. In my application I explained my son was in the latter stages of lung rejection from a double lung transplant from his cystic fibrosis. My son passed in sept. But even know I can not afford to take off work I will lose my job. Who do I explain this clearly so it is acceptable?
You need to direct your inquiry to Kate Jordan who is the head of out of state. Argue t that you have economic hardship.
Most DWI courts require the conviction to be a felony. However, if the charge is a class B felony statute number 577.010 states that the offender must serve two years in prison before probation or parole is granted. The two years would either be associated with a DOC Long Term Treatment Program or it would be a straight DOC sentence for X # of years. I'm assuming that after doing either of these one wouldn't be able to go into DWI court but if anyone can provide clarification or details about this I would greatly appreciate it.
I can't answer this question for every DWI Court in Missouri. In St. Louis County and St. Charles County they will...
I received two years probation with an suspended imposition about five years ago and completed it fine. On a certain application it asks,"have you ever been convicted of a crime, or received a suspended imposition or execution of sentence for a crime in the last seven years?" The answer would be yes but I'm wondering how they could actually find this info out. It is not a government job. What can be found out about me?
That's a good question. Part of what the employer can find out depends on what database(s) they search. At a minimum,...
I refused to blow, but was charged with my second DWI anyway. Because of the refusal the six months I was required to have the ignition interlock has stretched to an additional nine months, because of technicalities. I have already completed 7 months with no violations, paid all my fines and completed all my classes. I really want to get on with my life and having the interlock for another 9 months seems beyond excessive. Should I hire an attorney to petition the DMV on my behalf for early removal?
I would need to know your complete driving record to advise you on removal, however, I can tell you that hiring an...
iam on removal proceedings for illegally claiming to be a us citizen. i married my wife and 1-30 was approved and i filed for adjustment of status.i got a dui and my court hearing is next year.will this affect my case? what chances do i have to adjust my status on new immigration laws that obama signed. i have a step daughter that i take care of.
To be eligible for DAPA you should not have any criminal issues in your record to speak of. A DUI can be serious,...
In 1992 I was arrested for 1st and only DWI. I got SIS with probation, traffic school and counseling, all completed to court's satisfaction. So no DWI conviction shows, but the state still shows an administrative license suspension for DWI even though it was 22 years ago. I've been told it should have dropped from the record after 10 years with no more similar charges, but it didn't. I'm a driver by trade, and it has been an issue with some job applications. Court acts as though I need to have an attorney ask to have it removed. True?
Unfortunately many actions I the courts go much more smoothly with counsel. Hire an attorney and get it done.
I just received a DUI in St. Louis and refused to take a breathalyzer. What's the best plan of action from here to avoid losing my license for a year?
Hello. The first thing to do is timely file a petition for review. It gives you the opportunity to potentially avoid...