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Out of state petition for revoked drivers license
Hi, I sent in the application for an out of state hearing with Il s.o.s I live in Manchester MO. Everything was accepted and told I would have an answer in 180 days then received a letter saying I live within 30 miles of the border and my file was processed incorrectly and in error and disregard previous letter and I must come in for a formal hearing unless good cause is shown explaining why I cannot attend due to either economic, physical or medical reasons. Inconvenience does not constitute good cause. In my application I explained my son was in the latter stages of lung rejection from a double lung transplant from his cystic fibrosis. My son passed in sept. But even know I can not afford to take off work I will lose my job. Who do I explain this clearly so it is acceptable?
You need to direct your inquiry to Kate Jordan who is the head of out of state. Argue t that you have economic hardship.
Will the board of pharmacy in Missouri reject my application for a dwi misdemeanor?
A year ago I received a dwi which got dropped to an sis. I provided all documentation along with a detailed written statement on what happened. I’m just scared thinking they will reject it since it is considered substance abuse.
I do not know the requirements for a pharmacist license in MO. You should be able to research this and see if your...
Missouri DWI?
Lawyers often preach, "don't blow, fight the charge in court" yet this seems to open up a whole new can of worms since the results are normally the same: SATOP, probation, etc., yet you end up spending more money for the BAC refusal to get your license back. Is the pitch to refuse to blow simply a ploy to make more money for DWI lawyers?
I have not heard lawyers preach that. What I have heard lawyers whose opiioins I respect say, is that if you have no...
Is it legal for a cop to pull you over if you parked in a fire lane?
I went to eat at a restaurant last night and parked along the side of the street along with 6 other cars including me. I ate dinner and was there for about an hour. Once I pull out of the restaurant I was pulled over my a cop who had been waiting for myself and the other people who had apparently parked in a fire lane. He came up to my car with the ticket already printed out with my name as “registered owner” and asked me if I had been drinking. I told him “Yes, I had one glass of wine with dinner” he then said “I can tell. It’s really strong” My question is why did he have to actually pull me over couldn’t he have just put the ticket on my windshield? Because technically it is a non moving violation. Was he just trying to give someone a DUI? I would have been happy to have taken a breathalyzer test I was definitely safe to drive. Are cops allow to do this?
Sure he is allowed to approach someone who is breaking the law and ask questions. He was allowed to question all seven....
I received and completed SIS for a DWI almost two years ago. On my application it says have you ever pled nolo contendere
DWI first offense and received SIS with two years unsupervised probation. Do I answer yes or no for pleading nolo contendere?
Nolo Contendere means "no contest," which (to my knowledge) is not used in Missouri. When you received the SIS, you had...
Since is was arrested for paraphernalia charge, court date has not yet, would it be not good to try to work.
How can i work to pay a fine if i can't continue to work in the medical field? And if i plead guilty to a lesser charge, wil the arrest still be on there?
The arrest will be on there even if you get all charges dismissed. How can you pay the fine if you can't work in the...
What is the typical cost of a DWI in Missouri?
I was recently pulled over and refused a breathalyzer test. After I was arrested and placed in the police car, the officers began to get chatty with my wife who said I did have something to drink. Will this affect my case and what is the typical cost to defend a DWI?
I think, based on your question, that you need to decide if you want to hire the cheapest firm you can find that will...