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Can a person with a misdemeanor dui with a probation violation be held for federal violation
My son was put on a no report federal probation. He also got a dui that was a misdemeanor, he had a warrant for probation violation and arrested. Now the federal probation has a hold on him saying he violated federal probation by not reporting
Yes a person can absolutely be held on a federal probation violation.
Statues Of Limitation for a DUI?
I was charged last year January for a misdemeanor DUI I went to court and my lawyer took the case and I am just waiting to see what’s next my lawyer is waiting for evidence does my case met the requirements for the statues of limitations
Timing sounds about right for Richmond County and no it doesn't sound like you case will meet those requirements.
How Can I get my DUI charge dropped?
I was wondering if there’s a way I can get these dui charges I just received dropped. I didn’t take the implied consent because the officer said it in a way I couldn’t understand and when I asked him can you tell me what happens if I don’t take it he said he can’t say that but can only read the card again. I declined regrettably. I believe I passed the physical test to test if you are intoxicated but failed the Breathlizer test by getting 0.023 instead of 0.02 due to me only being 19. I was pulled over for speeding.
A good dui lawyer may be able to help get the charges dropped or reduced. There are several ways this can be done...
Can I move to other state during DUI probation?
I have 1st DUI and I'm still on a probation, but my case has been closed and I submitted all the documents (DUI school, evaluation and community service) and the fine as well. And my PO said I can ask to my attorney to get a non-reporting probation, but I didn't ask him yet .What do I have to do for the non-reporting probation and is it possible to move to the other state (From GA to LA) for transferring my college? Or transfer probation office to the state?
If your probation officer allows you to move, then you can move. Just make sure you get that in writing from them so...
What's my risk for and how to avoid a DUI?
I suffer from debilitating back pain that requires percocet at a minimum as well as soma or baclofen to literally sometimes not just be in tears from pain. On my last visit to my pain dr they had me sign something that stated driving and taking percocet was an automatic dui. First off, I don't and haven't drank in over 20 years because I take pain pills, but I also don't take a pain pill and drive but obviously they stay in my system. So there are days that I will be in incredible pain but know I have to drive and I just grit my teeth and sometimes literally cry until I can get home. What I want to know is with taking pain pills how can I avoid any question of a dui short of not driving which is not an option in my situation at the moment. I've not had any tickets in 17 years and my mother was permanently disabled from a car accident caused by someone who was high on marijuana and I don't want anyone else to have to suffer the childhood I did. So I'm not looking for loopholes but what I have to do to not put me at risk legally.
You avoid a DUI by not driving when you have meds in you which could affect you. The fact that your medication is...
How you go by withdrawing your plea on prior dui to get dismissed ?
Got 2 dui trying to get cdl buy got life time disqualified on cdl
Withdrawing a guilty plea can be very complicated, but it may be possible if it was recently entered. You would need...
Do I need to worry about a bench warrant for a misdemeanor DUI from 1998?
I was arrested and charged with a DUI in 1998. I was charged with a misdemeanor DUI and my BAC was around 0.18 I think. I skipped the Court case because I was worried I might be railroaded by the Judge who had a vendetta against my family. I now live in Florida and was wondering if I could still be arrested for this old charge or has the statute of limitations run out?
The statute of limitations is irrelevant here. Yes, you can still be arrested. Whether Georgia would extradite you from...