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What is going to happen to me with this case, what should I do? possible DUI and was driving on suspended license!
I have full coverage insurance on my car and I had missed a court date for a parking ticket (i only recently became aware of the license loss) I didn't know i got the ticket, nothing on my car and the ticket was sent to an address I use to live at that is in MA. Anyway I was getting to that this week, but not soon enough. I had been driving in the fast lane while intoxicated and my car slipped on some ice (im pretty sure) and my car rolled over 3 times apparently it was very smashed up, and a stranger called the police and a state trooper was very nice, i had been telling everyone that my car slipped on an ice patch and mentioned no alcohol and was only asked my name and date of birth, everyone was very nice (of course they would, I should be dead) and I was immediately put into an ER and tested and one test was ethenol and i was obviously very positive, i know the blood tests take about a month to come back but should I just call and ask the cop to meet with me non work hours if possible to see what he can do for me? I'm sure not all troopers are mean, i only hurt myself and I was planning on leaving the state and never driving again because i know im not any good! (22yrs old and
Call the cop and "see what he can do for you?" No. Look, the cops are not the "officer friendly's" you were told they...
What am i looking at for charges ideas
I have fta 2nd degree for operation mv under suspension
A FTA 2nd is a class A Misdemeanor carrying up to 1 year. If you were driving under suspension for a DUI , a first time...
DUI H1B extension and green card processing
Hi all, I got dui on March 18th 2016 . I was hand cuffed and jailed for 3 hrs later was told to go to court. My license was revoked for 45 days and later reinstated. I completed all DUI related program and got my case closed on records on August 28th 2016 I am planning to visit India in 2017. When I do that I will need to go for visa stamping. Please advice me if my visa will be rejected or considered as court has closed the case. I am worried about this situation and honestly I have no other charges other than this in past 4 years of my stay Also I an applying for GC this year end so need to know if I encounter any issues
You will need to disclose the DUI conviction when you apply for an H-1B visa and will need to provide a court-certified...
I was pulled over by a police officer after having 4 beers, but got arreted (DUI). what should i do?
I was pulled over by a police officer after having 4 beers. I passed 3/4 driving tests but I stopped at missisipi #21 (which i shouldn't have because I was supposed to go endless). What should I do now? I need my drivers license to go to work...
I doesn't matter how many field sobriety tests you passed. Or how many beers you had.....Stop posting the details....
Question about a DUI and criminal record
Let's say in Connecticut that someone is arrested for a DUI. They go to their arraignment and the DUI is dismissed the but moving violation they received along with the DUI was nolled. Does that mean, according the the Erasure Law, that the charge is completely off the record after 20 days and nobody, such as potential employers, can see it? The ticket, as I understand, will be active for 13 months.
You are correct the dismissal will take 20 days to enter, while the nolle will take 13 months to drop off
What happens to me if a civilian is staying careless driving against me?
On July 1st had an accident in Atlantic City, didn't get a ticket from the officer, now one after the accident a Civilian is staying Careless Driving against me 39:4-97 have a court appearance for 8-18-2914, what should I do?
If you have a Court date, Im guessing you are charged with a crime. It seems as though the crux of your question is can...
I received a notice from dmv that i had to clear up a suspension in ct from 1992? isnt there a statute of limitations?
I have had a va license for going on 20 years now and they are telling me im suspended in ct from 1992 va dmv is making me clear it ct says i must go to the court and pay $60 to reopen docket and face the reckless driving charge isnt there a statute of limitations?!
there are statutes of limitation for certain offenses. However, DMV will not recognize them in your situation as they...