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  • Manassas man arrested after drug deal ends in murder

    Friday Jul 22 | via The Washington Post 

    A Manassas man who was the third and final suspect in a drug deal that ended in robbery and murder was arrested Thursday in New York, police said. On March 18, Javiel Rosado Santiago arranged a narcotics transaction in the 7900 block of Blue Gray Circle in Manassas, Prince William County police said in a statement.


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  • Drug dealer gets 41 years in prison for 2001 murder

    Wednesday Jul 20 | via CBS Atlanta 

    The United States government is seeking the forfeiture of more than $1 billion in assets that federal officials say were misappropriated from a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund. The United States moved Wednesday to recover more than $1 billion that federal officials say was stolen from a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund and that was used for high-end real estate, fancy artwork and production of the... Civil rights activists frustrated by police slayings of blacks across the nation are looking to flex their voting power to push for reforms.


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  • Drug-ring slaying case ends with apology, hefty sent...

    Wednesday Jul 20 | via The Washington Post 

    After steadfastly maintaining his innocence for 15 years, Justin Michael Wolfe walked into a Prince William County courtroom Wednesday and apologized for helping to arrange the high-profile murder and robbery of a member of his drug ring in March 2001. Wolfe's apology and a lengthy prison sentence put an end to a case that had led to the untangling of a sprawling suburban marijuana operation, years on Virginia's death row for Wolfe after a murder-for-hire conviction, a retrial amid allegations of prosecutorial misconduct, and ultimately his acceptance of responsibility for the slaying of Danny Petrole, who had supplied him with large shipments of high-grade marijuana.


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  • Manassas man pleads guilty to sodomizing Leesbug child

    Tuesday Jul 12 | via Loudoun Times 

    A Manassas man recently pleaded guilty to sodomizing a child under the age of 15 in Leesburg over the course of four years Julio Antonio Baez admitted to engaging in anal intercourse with a child while he lived with the victim's mother on numerous occasions between July 2008 and July 2012 in Leesburg.


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  • Prince William Area Free Clinic needs 1-2 registered...

    Friday Jul 1 | via Potomac Local 

    A Good morning Prince William - You hear it in the news almost every day, Identity Theft! Don't become a victim; join Virginia Cooperative Extension on Wednesday, July 13 from 7 to 9 pm at the Sudley North Government Center's Jean McCoy Conference Room and learn how to protect yourself. Call 703-792-6287 or email [email protected] to register.


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  • Prince William County news in brief

    Jun 19, 2016 | via The Washington Post 

    SoberRide, offered by the Washington Regional Alcohol Program, will be available throughout the Washington area from 10 p.m. July 4 to 4 a.m. July 5. The program covers cab fares up to $30. The Prince William County Police Department released its 2015 crime report last week, which showed a continued decline in the county's crime rate.


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Manassas Law

What should I do and what are the possible defense and possible punishment.
Interlock for first time DUi in Virginia. I was driving home today from work and was able to pass the first test with interlock device. About 15 to 20 min later I was told to do the rolling retest. I was eating some trail mix and it locked me out after the retest. It locked me out for 5 min. After the 5 min I blew and after blowing the chord fell out and said communication error. After putting chord back in the device the test was passed within the 5 to 15 min test window that exists. No BAC at all. But it came up with an error code. I have not drank in 3 plus months. Been taking ETG piss tests weekly and have passed them all as well. I am concerned that I might get an interlock/probation violation. Have not received one yet. Had one 5 months ago. This would be my second if they count it. I have been told if you pass within 5 to 15 min window it's not considered a violation.
You should get in touch with your lawyer, because any problem with these devices puts you at risk of a violation...
My friend got a DUI in manassas what should he do moving forward?
What are the consequences if he goes to court without a lawyer, is there any chance of expungement since it is a first offense? What the worst case and best case scenario?
This is serious and I would not go at it alone. Find a local attorney who will protect you and your rights. Also...
Is there mandatory jail time for third driving on suspended after a dui within 10 years if none were reckless in any way
Received dui on a moped in 2012, got my first suspended charge on the same moped a few months later. got my second and third 4 months ago in a car
Yes, assuming it is alleged and proven 10 days are mandatory. It may be possible to get a plea deal for less time. But...
I just got off probation for third dui. Will i have to do asap and if so will i have to register myself or will they contact me?
The judge did not order any programs such as asap. Also this was three dui in 10 years.
First, the answer to this question would involve more facts than are currently in the prompt. Second, the answer to...
Charged with DUI in Virginia, but on PBJ in Maryland also for DUI charge.
I was stopped and arrested for DWI and Refusal in Virginia(Both 1st Offenses). I also received a PBJ judgment from Maryland for DUI(1st Offense) at the beginning of this year. What types of penalties could I face from these two charges and the possible probation violation charge? My residence state is in Maryland.
Virginia is not Maryland. If you went it alone in MD and think you may be able to do that here, you are in for a bad...
Should I get a continuance or appeal my case? Plea was dropped to reckless, $750 fine, 5 days jail, interlock, 6 mths restricted
I recently got arrested for a DWI in Prince William County. My first time ever getting pulled over (supposedly going 50 in a 35 but we were already in the 45mph zone when I pulled over), I panicked and did admit to having two drinks earlier in the night when asked. Officer asked me to step out of the vehicle and perform the field sobriety tests; HGN, Walk and Turn 9 steps heel to toe counting out loud, Alphabet E-X, then standing on one leg raising the other one 6 in. off the ground and counting until he told me to stop (I counted up to 15- mississippi). I believe I performed these field test perfectly fine, but the breathalyzer is what killed it for me, .09 for PBT. ETD was .08. I have a clean record and +5 pts driving record. I don't find my deal to be quite fair.
Dropping a DUI to a reckless is a fair offer. Most attorneys offer a free consultation, so you should sit down with...
If the driver admits that she was actually driving and we switched seats will my charges be dropped?
I was sleep in the passenger seat, i was awaken by the driver screaming and yelling for us to switch seat and her sitting on my lap. I just slid over, I was intoxicated and had no idea what was going on. I slid over and that's when I saw the police behind us. i failed the breathalyzer and was arrested for DUI. She will not admit to driving. she has precious charges for driving with no license. (I was unaware). I have no idea what to do. I've never been in trouble before.
Unfortunately, if the car was still on when you switched seats the fact that she was driving before is irrelevant. The...