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I have an interlock installed, why I am getting the camera installed?
I've had my interlock device installed in my car for almost 6 months with no violations or missed tests. I received a call from the interlock company that my calibration appt has been changed due to camera installation. Why after all this time am I getting it now? I received a letter from my asap office that my compliance period is over soon.
The law now requires cameras in interlock devices.
Will I serve my full 10 days in jail?
I was convicted of DWI and driving on a suspended. Before I was able to receive my restricted license I got another driving on a suspended. My lawyer was able to get me 30 days. 20 suspended. So 10 days. I wasn't arrested for the 2nd driving on a suspended. I am curious if I have the possibility of being released early so I can miss less work.
This is an inquiry that should be directed to your attorney. Unless there is a mandatory minimum as part of the...
Can I remove the interlock device from SmartStart myself?
My licence was suspended and VA ASAP and the court told me the interlock device on my car can be removed but I have to pay the full amount I owe, I want to remove it myself and pay them later, since each month that passes and I have the device, I still get charged
I've never heard of it working that way. I'd say your best bet is to find the money to pay what is owed and get it...
What should I do and what are the possible defense and possible punishment.
Interlock for first time DUi in Virginia. I was driving home today from work and was able to pass the first test with interlock device. About 15 to 20 min later I was told to do the rolling retest. I was eating some trail mix and it locked me out after the retest. It locked me out for 5 min. After the 5 min I blew and after blowing the chord fell out and said communication error. After putting chord back in the device the test was passed within the 5 to 15 min test window that exists. No BAC at all. But it came up with an error code. I have not drank in 3 plus months. Been taking ETG piss tests weekly and have passed them all as well. I am concerned that I might get an interlock/probation violation. Have not received one yet. Had one 5 months ago. This would be my second if they count it. I have been told if you pass within 5 to 15 min window it's not considered a violation.
You should get in touch with your lawyer, because any problem with these devices puts you at risk of a violation...
Will having a DUI on my record prevent me from obtaining a South Korean E-2 (or F-4) visa to teach English there?
I was convicted of a misdemeanor DUI in CA on 5/6/14. My unsupervised probation ends 5/6/17. I'm hoping to teach English in South Korea in the Fall 2017. Prior to applying (Feb - April 2017) to become an English teacher, I am wondering whether I need to try to expunge my DUI first. I have been told that written testimony from an attorney stating that a DUI will negatively affect my chances of obtaining the proper visa or teaching English in South Korea in general will help in my efforts to terminate my probation early and getting it expunged because my record is clean otherwise and I have fulfilled all other sentencing requirements (AA meetings, fines paid, etc). As a South Korean American-born citizen, it has always been a dream to go back and teach English while also learning more about my home country and culture so thank you in advance.
Sorry, but yours is not a US immigration law question.
My friend got a DUI in manassas what should he do moving forward?
What are the consequences if he goes to court without a lawyer, is there any chance of expungement since it is a first offense? What the worst case and best case scenario?
This is serious and I would not go at it alone. Find a local attorney who will protect you and your rights. Also...
I had a dui driver license suspension in CA. if the suspension period is over in ca and I moved to va can I get a va license
Suspension was for 6 months and I never renewed or requested restricted license because I didn't have a car.
Sure you can get a virginia license. However, I have seen this happen before, where virginia upon hearing of the out...