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  • Man convicted in 2007 killing of woman whose body wa...

    Thursday Jul 20 | via The Wave 

    SANTA ANA A jury on Thursday convicted a 41-year-old Mammoth Lakes man of first-degree murder for the killing of a woman whose body was dumped a decade ago in a Santa Ana parking lot. Transients found the body of 25-year-old Yacshicka Watts, a prostitute, in the early hours of Oct. 20, 2007 in an outdoor parking lot in the 2300 block of West Second Street.


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Mammoth Lakes Law

Can a police officer e-mail a employer about a off duty drunk in public incident?
Police officer e-mailed employer after employee was taken in for drunk in public.
Sure, why not? An arrest is not a private fact, it is a public event. In some jurisdictions the arrest blotter is...
Could i receive less then reckless driving?
I was driving in Reno, Nevada and was pulled over for a DUI and blew a .081 and a .082. A few local lawyers are telling me they can get it down to reckless driving but should I settle for that or try to get it something more in my favor? I was pulled over for not using my blinker when getting off the freeway and there was an old empty liquor bottle in the car.
The local lawyers very likely know the territory. A reduction from DUI to reckless would be considered a win in Colorado.
Can they still charge me for a dui after six months of no action?
I went to court four months ago for the date on my ticket. not only was I not on the docit but they said the people had nothing to file against me. I received a letter today saying to appear. what should I do to prepare?
Generally, the DA has up to 1 year to file a misdemeanor DUI case against you. (There is an argument that can be made...
How much would it cost to meet with an attorny and discuss the details of my dui? I am in bridgeport ca
Caught speeding 83 in a 55 with a .16 bac
Many attorneys give a free 1/2 hour to 1 hour consultation. Contact a few through the AVVO website. 83 in a 55 mph...
Got fired....moved 7 hours away......couldnt make it to dui hearing........courthouse doesn't take calls, so I sent an email. .
How else can I go about getting my date rescheduled without being there in person.....can t make it 7 hours back
You could hire an attorney in Mono County, who could make the court appearances on your behalf. At this point, there...
Do I have any chance of keeping my licence if I blew a .16?
Dui. Should I hire an attorney
Only an attorney who is familiar with all the facts and circumstances of your case could tell you if you have any...
How can I find the best lawyer serving Bishop, California area? Looking for someone experienced with DUI.
My son probably needs an attorney to help him with a DUI. He only drank 2 beers, but he never drinks due to a TBI suffered in 2002. It has a very strong affect on him. He is currently working for the US Forest Service in Bishop. He did not get in an accident or damage anything. He was trying to back his vehicle into the drive in front of his housing unit...adjusted and pulled back out, but went into a ditch. He had to be towed out, and that is when the police came. He was tested right at the legal limit. Some of the other tests they gave him are not valid because of balance and other issues due to his disability. He has a perfect driving record, and also has a license to drive government vehicles. We are worried how this can affect his job--he has worked so hard to recover from injury and secure employment. Can anyone recommend the best approach, or the best attorney?
Google is pretty handy. Bishop is a small town, ask around the local bars.