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Charged with DWAI, first offense with clean record. What should I do?
Got a DWAI some property damage. First ever offense. Although I was not the driver I stepped in for a loved one who made the absolute stupid mistake of driving intoxicated. Was not in the vehicle but rushed over. Consequences would have been far greater for her than I although I know I may still suffer. Any advice?
Yes. Exercise your right to remain silent and to legal counsel.
What legal action can I take are total by drunk driver while park
My 89 year old mother in law car was hits by a drunk driver while park On the street they towed her car and police left a notice on her door . The drunk driver insurance said her car is total and will give her a Check for $1800.00 which she need to pay for over 30 day of storage . She now have no way to buy another car . What can we do ?
Have your mother in law consider suing him in small claims court for additional damages . Consult with a lawyer first.
What happens when I plea guilty to disobeying a Do Not Enter sign , not intoxicated just a mistake wasn't from the area.
The police officer was driving towards me when I drove into the street noticing it was a do not enter after I had crossed the sign!!
Sounds like it's infraction.. which means you'll get a fine.
Do I have the right to see the police officer's dash-cam video of my DUI/DWI arrest?
I do not currently have any intentions in mind to use the video for my case, but I simply would like to review the footage for the sake of properly recounting the event. I am pleading guilty and don't expect a violation of my rights to be on video, though to be honest, I kind of just want to see it. Do I have the right to see the footage even if the reason is unrelated to the trial and just for personal review?
You generally have the right to view all discovery materials in your case, including police reports, 911 calls, video...
Will I need to install an interlock device if I have a CT Driver license, had my DWI in NY and don't plan on driving in NY
Hi , I got arrested in NYC for a DWI , currently have a CT Driver License and plan on pleading guilty in the next couple of weeks . I would like to know if I will get my CT Driver License suspended and if not , will I have to install an interlock device in my car even if I don't plan on driving in NY during my 1 year CD ? I currently don't have a car . My company rent it from me so it will be very inconvenient to install an Interlock Device . This DWI is my first offense and have no records what so ever .
Without researching the matter, I cannot say definitively. However, NY courts must order all drivers convicted of...
Can i renew my tlc license in westchester County, NY after pleading guilty to dwai?
I pled guilty to a Dwai. My tlc permit was suspended until completing the required 7 week course and any other requirements. Upon completion they handed me back my permit saying i was good to go. I just found out my renewal was denied and was not given an explanation. Is there a way to appeal this?
If I remember correctly, you can't have a TLC license with any type of DWI conviction, even the DWAI violation.
Can I sue NYS department of social services cps for traumatizing my children by telling them that they are being removed?
I've been dealing with cps for over a year continuously because I keep getting called on by some anonymous person or persons. Also I have been told that I have to take repetitive drug test I believe that my urine is being compromised they gave my husband a drug test but a woman drug tested him and a man drug tested me. I feel that my privacy and my right and my home are being tarnished and I feel like I am a victim I am being discriminated because I am Hispanic and my husband is white and these workers are black I've had previous workers in the past that have gone by the book with their job but with this case it's like they're not giving up the trying to frame me and my husband my husband works a really good job at Metro-North in New York so he gets randomly drug tested and I smoke pot because it helps me I'm trying to get a medical marijuana license but because post Trumatic stress is not under the requirements I have to wait so they're penalizing me because I smoke pot on top of that they're coming to my home to three times a week when it's only once or twice a month I think that they're just doing it too much and are trying to tear my family apart I had a shitty lawyer
Stop smoking pot. Its illegal in NYS unless you have a medical prescription. You don't. CPS is involved and you keep...