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I had a DUI in 2005 and previously applied for a Sentri pass about 3 years ago and was denied. I would like to apply again.
I am 63 years old and that is the only flaw on my record. Should I apply again as new. What can help? I plan on moving to Baja and really need a Sentri. Any sugestions?
I am not licensed in Arkansas, so I defer to the advice of an experienced Arkansas DUI attorney on the answer to this....
I refused a blood test for mental reasons aversion and panic to needles ..i begged for a breathalyzer and urine test he refused
driving home at night i had 2 hours to go i was beyond tired i fell asleep for a second at the wheel woke up when i felt bumps on side of road cop stopped me searched my car and found 4 beers in bag my husband had left in my truck i dont drink EVER i did have paraphenelia in vehicle i did not hide it and admitted it to cop it was a pot pipe with a very small bud in it I DONT SMOKE AND DRIVE i USE IT TO HELP CONTROL MY DISORDERS-i suffer from panic attacks, insomnia, bi-polar disorder and phobias galore that send me into panics such as needles in strange hospitals only person i allow near me medically is my own doctor i also use albuterol.he drove me to a backwoods hospital and told me i was to give blood.i couldnt to proVE I WASNT INTOXICATED I beged for beath and urine test he refused
The facts that you just presented could very well provide a defense to the charge of DUI. I can't say more without...
I was driving 45 mph and crossed the white line. the stop resulted in a DWI II charge. I feel this is excessive. I was not drunk
I feel like I was going too slow and it was probable I had a marker that I did pick up off of the highway, a baby swing, and the officer felt like I had found more than I did. I feel I am in danger from the police over this situation and I plan to fight the charges. I am not guiltty and I refuse to change my plea even though the consequences I face would be minimized. Have the police gotten out of hand with their rights of authority and are the laws they are enforcing especially DWI laws unconstitutional. 7 days in jail will destroy my entire future.
You are clearly frustrated and worried about this incident. You are right to feel that way. If the situation is...
Will I be able to get into Kenya and Tanzania with a DWI on my record?
A few days ago I was arrested and charged with a DWI. In about 3 months I will be going to Kenya and Tanzania. Will I be granted a visa and will I be able to get through customs into these two countries? I know the laws are different in each country which is why I am confused on the exact rules for these two. My record is completely clean other than this one incident. Also, if I have a lay over in another country but am staying in the airport, will I have a problem then? My lay over may be in Dubai.
Realistically your case would still be pending in three months. DWI cases routinely take much longer than that. Your...
How long can the court continue my dwi case
4 times now the court has continued my case cause the officer had surgery and they didn't notify me till I got to court from Texas, 10 hour drive and a hotel room twice I had to pay for all theses extra expenses cause they can't even give m e 24 hour notice, they also kept my money after my release from jail never read me my rights and completely lied on arrest report when there is video of it
Delays are great, your lawyer may be able to get it dismissed
When you are arrested are you supposed to know the charge or can they charge you at the jail later?
I had an officer pull up on me while in a parking lot accused me of running a stop sign but said I stopped at the intersection. I didn't know if that was possible. Then he asked for license and insurance before I could arrested resisting
If they have probable cause to arrest you they don't have to inform you of what your charges are. And if they get you...
When is it considered harassment from police
I Got stoped and arrested October 2016 got caught with drugs I've been put on probation for it I have not been in any trouble sense but ever sense I was arrested in October of 2016 when they see me with someone the do a traffic stop on them make me get out of the vehicle search me and badger me about when I last done drugs and if I have any on me they they even do it without stopping who I'm with if we're just setting in vecheal they just pull up and do this to me is it legal for them to be able to or is this harassment what can I do
If you are on probation, then the contract you signed as part of your plea agreement likely states that your PO can...