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Can you get state probation for a dui with serious bodily harm after violating county probation?
My boyfriend was in an accient that caused him to violate his county probation and one of his passengers had to have facial reconstruction surgery. The passenger is fine now, and we are very thankful for that. My boyfriend was also at the end of his probation with all fines paid and everything required was done. We were waiting for someone to tell us he was off. We have three small children at home. Is there anyway we can avoid him going to prison, and coming home? We will take anything other than prison. We just want him home.
DUI with Serious Bodily Injury is a felony and so a person on probation would be on state probation. It's odd that he...
Will I be charged with dui?
I was involved in a single car accident where I totaled my truck and they are not charging me for any property damage. I don't remember hours before the wreck or hours after. I was told that I let them take a blood sample and there were cops present. I was in and out within an hour. Very lucky and blessed to be alive. The cops let me leave in good well being and I have not heard anything in two weeks. my insurance adjuster informed me that my alcohol test is still pending. Is there any way I could request to keep my medical information private and have the sheriffs office speina the court to get them? And also what can they still do? Am I likely to be charged?
You are indeed very lucky and blessed. You will most likely receive notice of the state attorney's office intent to...
Is there a statue of limitation on being convicted on a dui?
I got arrested 11/6/2011 for a misdemeanor dui 1st offense and it is still in pre-trial. Is there a certain amount of time before they have to throw out the case?
The statute of limitations applies to when a case must be initiated, not concluded. Your case was initiated,...
Can I get charged with a DUI after the fact?
I was driving my car home after having a few too many drinks. I got in a car crash by drivi into a pole. THANKFULLY, I was the only person in the car and I did not hit anyone else so I was the only one injured. Due to trauma I blacked out and don't remember anything. When the cops came i had to be immediately rushed to hospital due to multiple injuries. I remember the nurse telling me my BAC was over the legal limit. The police never came to the hospital and as far as I know there is no police report because the cop " had to leave the scene of the accident". My question is can I be charged with a DUI now even though I haven't been yet? I'm thinking the cops couldn't charge me at the scene of the accident because I needed immediate attention. Is the hospital able to release information to the cops regarding my BAC?
Yes of course they can file charges against you after the accident. You need legal help right away.
Can I be arrested for a DUI after the fact.
I was in a car crash in Tampa Florida with a parked vehicle. I had fell asleep and drifted into the vehicle but nobody was injured except for myself. I was not arrested at the scene. I had not been drinking, but had cocaine and Xanax in my system. Blood was drawn. Can I be arrested?
Yes, you can be arrested after the fact. Once law enforcement completes its investigation, including the analysis of...
Will I have to serve any jail time in the state of Fl. For a 2nd DUI, IF my B.A.C. was under .15 & 1st dui was over 20 yrs ago?
IM 47, n was pulled over 10 pm! Switch 4 my lights are broken, if you pull themout they shut off they're bkwrds! I habitually pulled out knob, lights were off! Then was pulled ovr, cop said I was swerving? Was asked 2 do field sob. test & brthlyzr b4 I did, I told him I have a serious Genetic heart condition "Marfan Syndrome!" cop said I was swerving? Im riddled w/ arthritis in my back/neck °enerative joint disease in both knees, I just had 2nd open heart surg. in July & they put a mechanical heart valve in me! & told him my right hand is broken! my BAC high .12 my lowest was .11 (I just strtd new med 2 days b4! didnt mix w/ a lil wine) "Flexeril a musc relaxer!) I was arrested bonded out nxt. aftnoon & court's Dec. 1st will i go 2 jail? til now my license said safe drvr! I have many medical issues 13 different medications, 4 heart medications, thyroid ,anxiety, newly presrbd musc relxr! I have extremely high blood press, put me in medical ward and didn't even have my name on the chart! gave me none of my CRUCIAL meds! w/o them i will have a stroke! I had 2 ask nurse 2 take my BP she nvr even asked! It was a dangerous .107 diastolic! & left me that way my 1st dui was ovr 20
You do not HAVE to - meaning that there is no mandatory jail sentence, but that does not mean that you can;t or won't....
I was arrested for the very first time, charged with DUI and possession of marijuana under 20 grams, what's gonna happen to me?
Thanksgiving Eve, I made the terrible decision to go pick up the turkey and christmas ornaments from our old house after drinking a couple of beers. I was arrested in Melrose FL by Alachua County. I refused the breathalyzer, but did the sobriety test. My sister had just made it home on leave for a few days before deployment, and I was more determined getting the house ready for her and her friends than for my own good. I've never even gotten a ticket before in my life, and I've only ever drank or smoked anything a handful of times at social celebrations. As far as the weed goes, I had under a gram and I was also charged for possession of drug equipment (marijuana pipe). I'm a twenty one year girl that has tried to do nothing but the right thing my whole life and I fully understand what a terrible mistake I made. I don't have any substance abuse problems, but was released to court services. What are the consequences?
You are not typically going to get a jail sentence for first time misdemeanor DUI, paraphernalia or cannabis sentence....