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If a person is in the hospital for drunk driving and is detained because of a warrant has been issued to draw blood.
If a person is in the hospital for drunk driving and is detained because of a warrant has been issued to draw blood. Is the warrant valid if the Judge who signed the warrant signed the wrong date. Accident happened in June -- judge signed and dated May. Would that fall under the fruit of the poisonous tree and invalidate the warrant, throwing out the blood evidence at trial?
Scrivener's errors generally do not result in an entire warrant being thrown out of the surrounding circumstances of he...
I got two Duis In washington state 3yrs apart doing deferred prosecution on my second. When can I start to try and get it back.
I got a dui in 2011 which resulted in my cdl getting suspended for 1yr. Got another one in 2014 which I am doing a deferred prosecution on. I have read that it is a lifetime ban or 10yrs if you get two, does that 10yrs start from the first one? I was also wondering if in a deferred can a petition to get re instated now? I would appreciate any advice that would be helpful in my situation to be proactive. Neither duis were in a commercial vehicle just to be clear. Thank you for your time.
If you have a CDL a second DUI is a lifetime ban. A deferred prosecution is a conviction for purpose of federal law...
I was charged with a DUI in the US but I am a Canadian citizen. Does that affect my drivers license in Canada or just the US?
I was arrested in Washington, went to jail, blew over and had my car impounded and have a court meeting tomorrow. What am I looking at ? Does the DUI follow me to Canada?
I am not licensed in Canada, so out of respect to any experienced attorney licensed there who answers your question, I...
I got a no test dui for intoxicating lquor. Yeah I did the breathelizer 3 times negative. So officer placed machine out of servc
officer refused to give me pbt and would not take blood. Officer lied on the stand repeatedley. the all female jury cinvicted me
What is your question? Sounds like you don't like the way your case played out, but what are you asking?
Can i enter Canada with DUI (No Charges filed)
Almost 2 years ago i was pulled over for DUI and was arrested. I went to the station and took the breath test, where i blew under the legal limit. I was released the next day in terms that i would get a court date later on. i still have not heard back from the court. what i know: My Drivers license has not been suspended or have any limitations. I was able to leave and enter the country, so no warrant our for my arrest. I have ran a background check on myself and it states that there has been no charges filed against me. (just arrest record) Am i able to enter Canada without being denied? or should i wait another 3 months when my statute of limitations expire and then try to enter Canada?
An unfiled DUI charge should not cause you to be inadmissible.
Can you be charged with 3rd degree driving with a suspended license if you are not pulled over?
my son received a ticket and summons in the mail to report for court on the charge of driving with a suspended license in the 3rd degree. The infraction time states 10:50am at a convenience store. However, he was at work having a cigarette at that time before his shift starts. He was never pulled over. If he was driving and pulled over he probably would have gone to jail because this would have been a third offense. Is this legal? He doesn't even have a car.
Whether he was pulled over or not is less significant than whether the state can prove he was driving at a a certain...
Can the treatment portion of my DUI deferment be done at any time?
I have been offered a job out of state. It will only be for a few months, and due to my family's financial situation, I can't pass it up. I have been trying to get help from my public defender for months now, only to find out he's been fired. Nobody at the district court seems to return my calls, or give me any information other than I'll be assigned a new defender. In the meantime, I am only about half way through with my initial phase of treatment (72 hours of classes in 12 weeks). I don't want to just bail on my responsibilities, but what do I need to do? I know there are AA meetings where I'll be going, I have the IID and am paying my fines like I am supposed to. Can I postpone treatment until I get back?
You'll have to get permission fro the court. You'll likely need to hire a private attorney to help you or ask to speak...