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Will I get violated on my unsupervised probation
I had a dui and an on unsupervised probation I have completed all drugs classes and paid fines. Got caught driving on suspended license. Don't want to do 90 day sentence
No way to guess best to consult your Criminal Defense attorney who will advise after knowing all the facts and evidence.
I was arrested for speeding and DWI last night. My court date is Feb. 6th.Should I retain an attorney before hand or just take m
I blew .11 and was arrested. I also was speeding and was ticketed for both. I was released into custody with no bond. I have absolutely no other tickets or arrests ever. I am 55 years old and live in NC.
You should speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. They will be able to discuss your options to defend...
How can I get a FTA dropped on a court date that I went to and was told by the DA that is was continued on the day I was there?
I went to court last week for a traffic violation and I was as told it was continued by the DA. An officer just stopped by to pick me up for a FTA. How does this happen and what can I do about it?
It can happen any number of ways. Were you late to court the day you went or were you in the wrong courtroom and got to...
What is the process of a hearing with DMV?
I have an interlock device in my car since 5/30/17. Monitech informed me at installation to come back after getting license restored to set device to restricted BAC .04. June 11 I had a high fail of .04 & june 15 I had a high fail of .043. looking back now I should have had set to .04. It is the running test of .043 that is of concern. The car started, however after 30 minutes, I blew again and got .043. I received a letter stating my license is to be suspended however I requested a hearing. Do I stand a chance of keeping my license with restrictions? I don't know anyone this has happened to. Both my family members had a .04 restriction but their device was set at 0 tolerance, therefore is any alcohol the car would not start. no chance of level going uo while driving. I am not admitting the reading was correct, but no way to prove that without spending a lot of money.
You stand a chance IF you hire a lawyer who regularly does NCDMV field hearings and give her or him ample time to get...
What would be the minimum sentence for someone charged with 90-95(A)(3) and 90-95(D)(2) with a prior DWI conviction?
Mother of the accused.
Assuming the DWI is the ONLY prior conviction of any kind: That cannot be answered unless we know if the current...
Is it possible to qualify for a 6-month deferment or anything similar in North Carolina in regards to alcohol interlock devices?
I was charged with a dui in January 2015 and plead guilty. I had a BAC of .15, exactly, so I had to get the interlock device. Since then, on a 'hardship' license, I have never had any violations, and have paid monthly costs regularly and on time for several months now. I am wondering if there is any incentivized program in North Carolina comparable to laws in Arizona permitting 6 monto deferments. (More info) >I refused the breathalyzer test on the scene, so i have served 2 seperate suspensions. >All of my community service and fines are paid up and completed > i can get my full license on april 20, 2017, although I will still be required to have the interlock
You are legally able to refuse to blow in a portable breath test device on scene as well as refuse to perform...
Looking for a dui attorney in hickory
Old case, 2004. Dui in hickory, looking for an attorney that can help me with a reasonable flat fee.
Interesting scenario. Did you miss your court date from 2004, and recently served with the Order for Arrest, or has it...