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How do I proceed?
Hey. I'm in the conditional discharge program in Bergen County NJ. I went for my drug test two Wednesdays ago. I received a call from my PO that I passed for marijuana, (my charge), but not for benzos. I have NEVER taken any benzos, including Xanax and that crap. My PO said to come in this upcoming Wednesday, but I received a letter in the mail asking me to appear in court April 11th. Are the courts automatically notified of a failed drug test? What can I do? I'm going to see my PO like she asked on Wednesday, (though she won't return my phone calls) and am willing to take the most comprehensive drug test they have, because I have not smoked nor done any benzos. Are false positives common? Should I be getting an outside test to prove my innocence? I'm truly at a loss for what to do, because I swear on my life and my whole families lives, I do not take any benzos.
1) Get yourself a lawyer or hire the lawyer you had in the past if you were happy with him/her 2) Get yourself tested...
Will I go to jail for violating my conditionally discharged probation by failing my first drug test?
End of November I got arrested for possesion of less than 50g of marijuana and paraphernalia, first time offender. I did not stop smoking at that time like I should have. I have stopped smoking Now but I have 20 days till my first court date, where I assume I will be starting my probation period. Knowing my smoking habit I am not sure I will pass the test. So is it possible to delay this first court date on the 31st so that I can be completely clean by the next court date. Or should I keep this court date and play it out with the PO saying that I haven't smoked in 30+days which by the time I get tested it would be true, and that I'm trying to get clean but I used to be a heavy smoker?
I would suggest that if you had/have a lawyer for your case you ask him or her this question as they will know your...
What is your advice ? What I can to do for closed this case? Саn I ask the Court closed this case?
I returned back from the at 9 PM by train and took the car from N.J parking lot go to the Home. But during the ride to Home I fill drowsiness and tired and I did EMERGENCE STOP like the SAFETY RECOMMENDATIONS for Drivers for a rest on the parking lot at some where near a restaurant.I don't remember how I fell to deep sleep. I was awakened by a loud noise. The first moment I did not understand what was happening . Maybe I looked strange for the Police but from rapid awakening I was dazed and confused. English Language is my second language and I did not understand what I'm to blame. They searched my car (all clean,no drugs) and my Alcohol Test show negative result . I lead a healthy lifestyle-no alcohol and drugs. I took only a pill (Naproxen) for a pain in my back, which my Doctor wrote for me. Now I have charged with 2C:35-10B and 2C:29-1A. And my Life go to Hell !!! I am not guilty!
The court will likely not "close" anything - you will have to defend the charges. You can defend these charges with an...
DUI checkpoint standards?
I was stopped at a DUI checkpoint. There was no illumination, no signage, etc. that would indicate it was a checkpoint. Naturally, I was charged with DUI. The court has provided me with a letter stating their reasoning for setting up a checkpoint in this area, but nothing in terms of a diagram that outlines where the flares, signage, illumination, etc were. Aren't they supposed to have this on hand prior to setting up the checkpoint and be able to provide it to me?
There is a whole body of law on what is required to set up checkpoints. They don't make it easy to locate. Often it is...
Can the cops still charge me w a DUI or did I luck out? Do you think they're investigating me?
I was in a minor accident and don't remember much of what happened. I hit a pole and I was the only one mildly hurt. I was semi-conscious when the cops got there. They asked my girlfriend if i had been drinking n she said no. I don't think they suspect anything. They called an ambulance and sent me to the hospital. The cops did not request a blood test. The doctor tested my BAC level and it came back .145. The doctor assured my gf she was taking the blood for medical reasons and not for the police. Is this true? Will the police find out about my BAC level? Do you think they suspect anything? My gf told them I was just overtired.
The police do have a right to file charges against you in the future for this accident. They do not feel that they...
DUI in NJ. Failed "balance" test, BAC .07
I was pulled over for not having my lights on after leaving a supermarket. The cop asked if i was drinking and I said yes (2 beers in 2.5 hrs). After taking my paperwork, another cop came to the scene and i was asked to performed the FST. I told the office i have flat feet and a bad knee. I of course failed and was arrested. At the station, i was booked, given three summons and then give the BT and blew a .078. The officer said not to worry, that since I passed the BT, it would be dismissed as long as i plead guilty to no lights and no seat belt. I called again the a few days later to get a copy of the arrest report and was told the same thing by the same officer. I have researched this online and the opinions vary regarding the dismissal. Do I have a cae
You definitely have issues based on your medical problems and the fact that the BAC is under the per se reading of .08....
How long does a typical DWI case take to get to trial in NJ? What are the best ways to get the charges reduced or case dismissed
How long does a typical DWI case take to get to trial in NJ? What are the best ways to get the charges reduced or case dismissed? Who are the best lawyers in North Jersey?
In NJ, the State Supreme Court has directed the municipal courts to dispose of DWI cases within 60 days following the...