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What could I look for on a traffic citation to have it dismissed ,driving under dui suspension
I was at a stop light when an officer ran my info everything is good except I'm currently under suspension dui related which carries jail time, after issuing me the citation he allowed me to drive away ,also my citation is missprinted. I am currently working on having it reinstated and this will hinder all hope of this
There is very little on the face of a citation that will outright earn a dismissal. This is because the citations...
First dui lic suspended and ten days house arrest..Got a 2nd dui refused breath test n driving under dui lic. suspension.
If you are convicted of the second offense with a refusal, PA law provides for a mandetory minimum sentence of 90 Days...
Why is my dui still showing on my mvr after its been expunged for 7 months
I did everything I was asked to do during the ard. For over a year I've been paying alot for auto insurance. I thought after my expungement I would be able to get my life back together by paying what I used to for my auto insurance I have no other citations on my record. I also have the paper work saying that my expungement my accepted
Although ARD program acceptance and cimpletion will prevent you from having a criminal record, it has no effect on the...
Can someone lose custody of a child for a first offense DUI?
My daughters dad just told me he got a DUI. He said he got into a fight at the bar, beat someone up and left angry. Then got pulled over. He keeps telling me to fight for full custody, because this is the only shot I have. I have pictures of flea bites and fleas in my daughters hair after she was dropped off by him, so I feel like I gave a pretty good case? He claims he won't be charged with the DUI because he knows all the judges around here so he says he'll get away with it. Can I at least break the 50/50 and have him see her 2 days a week and every other weekend?
Certainly the circumstances that you have described would merit a change in custody, especially if your child's welfare...
Can I get a license to carry a firearm with 2 dui on my record from the year 2007?
Want to carry firearm for my protection. Had 2 misdemeanor dui in 2007
Nope, you are barred under PA law from getting a concealed carry permit.
Stopped driving under suspension dui related 75SS1543SSB1..questioning probable cause
stopped driving under suspension dui related 75SS1543SSB1..questioning probable cause as officer stated I crossed a white line, 9 miles past of where he stopped me. But, on the citation of (driving on roadways landed for traffic) he noted that I crossed the center yellow line in a different location approx 2-3 miles from where he stopped me (which was after three turns). My hearing is today..sadly, I just noticed this discrepancy yesterday.
Unfortunately, an officer can wait a period of time before he pulls you over. While it does look suspicious, the...
Points on License for NON- DUI or driving related Possession Conviction?
I received a letter from the PA Dept of Transportation after serving a six month driving suspension for misdemeanor possession of controlled substance (marij.) stating that, " upon restoration, PA law requires PennDOT to assign 5 points to your driving record (Section 1545 of the PA vehicle code). Your driving record now shows a total of 5 points." I'm just confused as to why points were added to my driving record when neither a car or driving were even remotely involved in my criminal case and from what I have skimmed of Section 1545 of the PA vehicle code it relates to Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Thank you for your help!
Unfortunately, PENNDOT has wide latitude to revoke, suspend, or add points to your license as long as the law allows it....