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How do I have a dwi warrant if I've never been arrested?
My friend was driving me home from work the other day and was pulled over the cop took both of our id's and told me I had a dwi warrent... I'm really concerned about this
You may be in hot water for letting your friend drive at that time. Hire a lawyer and post no more details. Speak...
How can you prove a probation officer is lying? What can I do?
My fiancé was convicted of felony 3rd DUI in Houston 3/8/13 now accused of violation of his probation. His PO said he admitted to her that he has been driving to work, not putting interlock on that vehicle, drinking the entire time, has been in bars, lying the entire time of his probation. The facts are that he has not driven, I take him to park n ride every morning at 5 am and pick him up around 7 pm every work day and drive him over 1 hour one way if the buses are not running. He has some charges on his debit card to prove this and lots of people witnessing this. does not drink and his 3 times a day breathalyzers will show this. He did go to sports bar to eat, did not drink. has taken lie detector which he passed drinking/driving, but failed being in bar. this is unfair that she lied.
Your boyfriend needs an experienced criminal defense attorney to put out all the facts in front of the judge. He is...
I have a warrant for dwi. I was never booked into jail or arrested. Will parole find out about. Has been active for two weeks
Have to prior dwis. Have three months left on parole. Need to know if parole will know about warrant even though I never was arrested.
Probably. They typically run your record before they discharge you. If they do, they will see the warrant. Although...
Can I get an Itemized stmt. of legal fees and a copy of contract from my husbands DWI atty. now that he is deceased?
My husband recently gave his atty 4000.00 and passed away before the case was over. I am his wife and feel I should recieve any money not used.
Have you made an effort to speak with the attorney who was handling your husband's case? That's the best starting...
What can i do to lower my penalties or fines?
I'm 19 years old and I received a DUI in 11-06-2015. speeding 10% above posted speed (55)
Most jurisdictions have set fines, however some reduce fines if you take a defensive driving course or hire an attorney...
I got a 2nd dwi offense blew a .9 on breathalyzer what am I facing here? I haven't been in trouble in over 13yrs.
I have 1 conviction in 2002 for intoxication assault, which I did serve tdc time for. But nothing else is on my record.
They will charge you with a class A misdemeanor. .Your 09 breath test is defensible.You definitely need to hire an...
I am going to court for my first dwi. Can i still buy a firearm.
I am not a felon.
You shouldn't have any difficulties with buying a firearm if your record is otherwise clear of any felonies or...