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1st offense dwi, pulled over in school crossings, opening container, on a suspended license
1st offense dwi, pulled over in school crossings, opening container, on a suspended license. Officer made me get out of the car do a FST on a bad surface, in 30 degree weather. Told me he feels like I'm too drunk to drive. I get to the police station, blow a .10. Do I have to go to jail? I'm 23 and I feel like my life is ruined now
First of all DWI is not a criminal offense in NJ and does not appear on your criminal history. Most background checks...
How do i handle a DUI in new jersey while living in florida?
i have a warrant for the dui for missing my court date and the matter is about 18 months old at this point. I am nervous because it was the secound time i was charged with dui before the age of 21, but my first was down-graded to reckless driving. My issue is i need to be able to take care of it on a trip home and be able to settle the matter and not have to deal with jail time, and the community service, and classes. I do not know if that is possible so thats why i am reaching out. And, is it possible to pay off all fines and surcharges up to date to get like a time-served style suspension since my license has been suspended this whole time anyway so that i could come home to florida and get a license here.
You should retain a lawyer. The lawyer will evaluate the case and conduct discovery. If the best option is to accept...
If i got a a1 dui in pennylvania. Mi license didt get suspende but i got convicted of a dui. Then i got a dui in new jersey
Will it be mi second dui and get the conseques for a second ?
If you did the ARD program in PA (which expunges a first DUI in Pennsylvania, perhaps the only state that does that)...
Am I in fresh legal trouble?
I got a second dui about 3 years ago in NJ. Paid my surcharge off, paid suspension, and all other costs. Havent driven since, but never got the interlock. Court said I needed it on for a year while suspended, then 2 while driving. DMV says I can get an interlock and start driving. Who is right, and am I going to get in more trouble now?
You will need to get the interlock installed in order to drive in the state of New Jersey. You will not be restored...
Is there anyway to avoid jail time for a suspended license on a second DUI?
I was pulled over with a suspended license for my second DUI. While driving, I was sober and not speeding or performing any other traffic violations. Is there anyway to request excessive fines or community service in lieu of jail time? I've also never committed any crime other than the DUI. Begging for any suggestions or guidance. Thank you
No, it is not possible. IF you are convicted, the jail time is mandatory. You may be able to avoid a criminal...
Got Dui in nj.
Told I have to get interlock. Wife has new car and have a old car. If I get intetlock on my car does that mean I cannot dive hers when we go on vacation?
The law requires you to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle. Do not read anything else into it. Best...
Can I apply for US Citizenship if I had a DUI conviction?
I am a legal immigrant living in the US for over 10 years. I recently had a DUI conviction (a misdemeanor) that results in NO jail time, NO driving privilege suspension, ONLY probation for 2 years (required to phone in once a month) Can I apply for naturalization? Or must I wait?
With a simple DUI or DWI on your police record (that is, not one that's mixed in with other crimes or aggravating...