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Can I get approved for Daca? With a dismissed expunged dui?
7 years ago when I was 18 I got a dui. It was a dismissed misdemeanor. I have never gotten in any trouble at all since then not even traffic stops. I paid fines, did community service, and took some alcohol classes. I recently want to get it expunged and want to know if I do will it help me to get approved? If I get denied will I get deported?
A misdemeanor DWI conviction is not on the list of excluded offenses. ... the North Carolina courts have treated it as...
I got 2 DWI 5.5 yrs ago and my license was suspended 4 years which is now over. If I move to OH or IN can I get a new license.
My most recent conviction was 4-1/2 years ago. Or must I get an interlock device? I can't afford that device.
If you are relocating to another state and getting a license there then it will be up to that state whether you need...
My husband just got arrested for DWI and now he has an immigration hold
I'm located in a rural area of North carolina my husband has got an immigration hold this is is SECOND dwi, and he has a few traffic tickets. We got an immigration lawyer and i just paid tons of money for a emotional federal immigration bond hearing? on Monday. We are legally married, he's illegal came illegally, 4 or 5 years ago. im 7.5 months pregnant with our first child, and he's the only one working. What are the chances with a lawyer with him getting out of this? would the 48 hour rule apply in this case of federal bonds? i didn't get much info from my lawyer but they seem hopeful. HE's still in a local jail, but i don't know if they are being helpful just because i forked over half of our savings on this in my desperation to get him out of jail or they he's got a chance.
Assuming that you are a US citizen, have you sponsored your husband for a green card? More facts are needed to answer...
I was denied unemployment in nc because i got dwi can i appeal and win?
I was terminated because i got dwi off the job and after work hours. They said because my position required cdl's and they didnt have a non driving position to put me in that they had to terminate me. I have never applied for unemployment before and i have worked doing this type of job for 21 years straight. Help!
One of the problems you face is that there is a time limitation on filing such appeals, so I urge you to look into this...
Can I be charged for DUI in NC that I received in 2013
I was charged with a DUI 2/2013 at a traffic stop. My attorney has put the case off until this month 11/16. Is there a statue of limitation for being charged?
As a DWI is a misdemeanor in NC, there is a 2-year statute of limitations for the State to bring the "charge" against...
Looking for a dui attorney in hickory
Old case, 2004. Dui in hickory, looking for an attorney that can help me with a reasonable flat fee.
Interesting scenario. Did you miss your court date from 2004, and recently served with the Order for Arrest, or has it...
If I just received A DUI conviction in TN and have a pending DUI conviction in NC, can TN make me receive more punishment?
DUI conviction on 22 November 2016, and arrest on 29 October 2016, prior revocation due to outstanding payment on previous DUI in 2009.
If you're licensed by TN , then get convicted of a DWI in NC after being convicted of DUI in TN, then TN DSHS will...