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got the dui in dec 2012 pleaded guilty in feb 2013 completed about 2 months of alcohol classes including a month of rehab what am i looking at due to inability to pay for remaining alcohol classes
Contact Kentucky DUII attorney's on the phone, confidentially, to find out exactly what the punishments could be....
My son who lived in Louisville Kentucky at the time got a DUI (after two beers), the officer said she pulled him over for speeding even though we know that wasn't the case since he is very very particular about speeding, it has & will never happen with him he is adamant about not speeding. He had just left to head home after a couple beers with friends and was cited for drunk driving. There was something not right about this case and we hired a layer but he did absolutely nothing. In any case he was working had no car & money was very scarce. We were not aware he wasn't able to attend classes, now he's home. He will be working shortly & is going back to school next semester. Please tell us what we need to do next & how to get this case closed & his license back. Thank You!
It sounds like his case was already concluded so all the arguments about whether he was actually speeding or drunk...
I am currently on Probation for a DUI in TN. My charges were dropped to Reckless Driving. I was given 6 months probation with one drug test but was given no date to take the test until my last call which was on Jan 14. During this call I was assigned a different officer as mine had taken vacation and informed I had 2 days to take the drug test. I smoked weed every other day the last week of Dec, the last time I smoked was Jan 3. I took my test on Jan 16 and am very concerned what will happen if I failed it. My probation is supposed to end in March with my last call being Feb 25. I do not know if I should call the lab and attempt to get the results so that I know whether I passed the test. What is the likelihood that I passed the drug test and if I did not what will happen?
If you have a dirty urine, that would be a violation of the terms of your probation. The prosecutor could make a motion...
Last month my probation officer said he was going to do a review on my case and see if I could see him less than once a month. I ended up failing my drug test. He told me he will have to write the judge. Does this mean I will be violated and if so will they arrest me when I go back?
It means he will submit a report to the judge describing what happened with your drug test. The judge may then find...
I received a DUI in 2013 in KY, and will be moving to OH in 2015. My license has been reinstated and I am not on probation. Will I have any legal issues moving to OH or getting a driver's license there? I know OH is an sr22 state.
As long as you are in compliance with whatever you need to do in KY and have and maintain SR22, you should ok as far as...
I was arrested for a DUI 3rd offense within a short period of time. However, my first two DUIs are both technically 1st offenses...that is how they were both prosecuted. After the second first, I didn't receive a SCRAM. In this event, I was passed out in the car with the car running and in park. No movement at all. I was parked in a private parking lot down the street from my house. The owner of the establishment called an EMT and I was taken to the hospital with a high BAC and didn't receive a copy of my DUI citation. I've since completed a stint in alcohol rehabilitation. This was many months ago, and I didn't know I had charges against me until recently. I am scared to death at the possibility of a guilty verdict for DUI 3rd. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
the best thing you can do is hire a very good attorney and enter an AA or other rehab program immediately.
I asked earlier regarding the military police finding a can in my car and being released from the Army. I got great tips and all agreed I should get a lawyer in Kentucky even though I'm back in Florida. I used the tool bar on the comments page and there is no DUI lawyer's in Fort Campbell KY. Any ideas???
You can call the Kentucky State Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service.