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How could I get in a drug rehab and they help me with ssi during rehabilitation
Need help
google drug rehab and ssi and call and ask................................
Can I be charged with drugs found in a vehicle that doesnt belong to me and I was no where around when it was searched.
Upon exiting a walmart one night, I noticed that my friends vehicle was being searched as he sat on the ground watching. I walked up and asked the friend and police what was going on. I was patted down and told that I was under arrest for drugs found in the car. I told them I have been in the store shopping and I have nothing to do with any drugs found in the car. My friend, who was a lawyer as well as the owner of the car said, "they have probable cause to search cause they found a drug pipe in a basket in the store". The officer walked up and placed me in cuffs saying Im under arrest for drugs found in the car. I was totally shocked because I had no drugs nor was I anywhere present when all this occured. No drugs were in my possession when I was patted down but was told im under arrest cause drugs were found in a bag on my side of his car. We were not pulled over nor was I around when the search started. I was arrested for all of this while the owner of the car and the bag was let go. I had no idea of any drugs or what led them to harrass my friend. I was unaware he had drugs in the car but more so as to why I got arrested for his drugs, found in his car, when I was not present.
Yes, you can be charged. The question is, can you be convicted? I would immediately subpoena for all videos from that...
What are the possible outcomes for an FTA on a misdemeanor DUI charge?
I was arrested for a misdemeanor DUI charge 16 years ago. I never went back to court and just recently found out that I have a failure to appear in Arkansas. How can I resolve this without going to jail?
You can hire a lawyer to ask the judge to quash the warrant. If that doesn't work you will have to turn yourself in to...
How long does the court have to charge someone a DUI?
Back in 2015, I was arrested and charged with DUI. On February of 2016 was my first court appearance and the prosecutor asked for a continuance. In June of 2016 we went back to court and again the prosecutor asked for a continuance for no witnesses showing up. In July of 2016, the state again asked for a continuance because the arresting officer was unavailable. In August of 2016, all parties were present, no witnesses or the officer were asked any questions and the judge stated that he would look over the evidence and render a verdict. That was over a year ago and still no word from the judge. At what point can I file a motion to dismiss? Have my civil rights to a speedy trial been broken because of the length in time it was from the moment I was arrested to almost two years waiting for a verdict?
I recommend that you contact an Arkansas criminal defense attorney about your situation. It appears that there was no...
What will be the impact on visa stamping if there is a sis for dui?
Hi. My spouse has Suspended Imposition of Sentence (SIS) for DUI from Missouri state. He is no convicted. (Probation for 2 years). In this situation will there be any impact on the visa stamping for him and his spouse (me). We are from India and the extension is approved.
I can't give you specific advice on Missouri law, but under immigration law, if your spouse entered a plea of guilty or...
How can I request a court ordered drug test of the custodial parent?
My ex wife has started acting very strange in the way that makes it look and see like she is using drugs the way she is talking acting and even scratching herself all over. Is there a way to have a court ordered drug test.
You could petition the juvenile court in your area and ask but it will be an uphill battle.
Is my friend likely to be questioned after a massage
I have a friend that visited a massage parlor nine months ago where happy endings are known to be common. After nine months isnhe likely to be questioned. The massage was in Texas and we have read a lot of articles about police collecting license plates.
Criminal charges have to be filed within a set period of time. That time limit is called a statute of limitations....