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Can I get a DUI other charge thrown out if they can't prove that I was under the influence of a controlled substance?
I went through a roadblock recently and they smelled marijuana and saw that my eyes were blood shot. I hadn't smoked in the vehicle and it had been a few hours since partaking of the drug. But ignorantly I had admitted to smoking 3+ hours before and they found a friend's used pipe and his empty container that had held weed. So I was arrested and charged with possession of paraphernalia and a DUI other. From what I've been able to ascertain - in order for a DUI other charge to stick, the state has to prove I was under the influence and that it affected my driving ability. However, I wasn't given a drug test nor a sobriety test. So do I have a chance of the DUI charge being dropped?
Your admission plus the pipe and the smell is probably enough.
What do I do if I was charged with possession of paraphernalia and the felony possession charge is being held? They want me to s
Road block. Told to pull over for DUI. Never tested. Searched vehicle. Said they found paraphernalia. Arrested me. Dog came. Searched my purse. Said they found a gram of meth. I wasn't allowed to watch search. Taken to jail and held for 50+ hours under investigation. They want me to snitch. Court is next week. I don't know what to do. I was manhandled, refused medications, or medical care for injury to arm from being dragged and thrown onto car by 2 deputies.
You need to retain an attorney immediately. You are being charged with a serious crime. Myself and others offer free...
What are my options
Fiance was indicted on his 3rd DUI. Sentencing is in March. However, he was arrested a couple of weeks ago and got another DUI. He wants to go to rehab. He has no family, I am all he has and I work a minimum wage job and can't afford $3500 for a lawyer.
It sounds like your fiancée seriously needs a lawyer. One option is to use the AVVO lawyer finder tool to locate an...
If you miss court can a judge make a guilty plea for you and can you appeal it...?
my husband got his second dui he was bonded out and given a court date he went to that court date and pled not guilty he was then given a trial court date which he missed he called down o the court house and they told him to just come in and see the judge so he did that and when he got in front of the judge the judge informed him that they already found him guilty of the 2nd dui and he is now ordered to do 5 days
Missing court is probably as bad as whatever crime you are accused of committing if not more. It is unlikely that...
How can I gain a copy of the alleged phone call from a citizen to police which led to my being stopped and a DUI 1 charge?
The arresting officer in Mendenhall, Mississippi, stated that a call from a citizen was his reason for stopping me. An anonymous phone call in Mississippi does not constitute probable cause.
File a Freedom of Information Act request with the arresting officer's local office. You might not be able to get the...
Is there a statue of limitations for dui in Mississippi?
In 2007 i was on my way to the hospital with a severe case of Plurasie. I was stopped by a police officer and he asked if I had been drinking. I said no. He then asked that i blow into their machine and i told him I couldn't because I could barely breathe from that plurasie. He arrested me and kept me in jail 3 days. I then went before a judge and pled not guilty. The judge said the officer did not have any evidence. He did not drop the charges but did release me. I then moved to Florida and had no problem getting a drivers license. Well I would like to get my Mississippi license back now. What should I do since it has been 10 years. Also i have had Tennessee license since then also with no problem.
No way an atty can answer this question. We'd have to review your record to see what's going on with your license.
Do I have any recourse after taking two 5 panel drug screens when one came back positive for cocaine and one came back negative
Loss my commercial drivers license as a result of the positive test....the drug screens was same day, same testing facility, approximately two hours apart.
If you have not already hired a lawyer to examine the case closely you need to do it right away. Once the attorney...