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What are my options for possession of alcohol underage if it's my first offense?
Hello, I was driving back to UVA, my university, last night, and I was pulled over for speeding. I was speeding quite significantly, but the officer did not give me reckless and only gave me a regular speeding ticket. However, he searched my car and found a bottle of liquor in my bag. I was completely sober so there wasn't any question if I had been drinking. However, I am still wondering what consequences I am facing for possessing alcohol underage. Thanks for your time.
I know you will be served well by hiring an attorney for this case. First, you asked what the penalty is for underage...
Drunk in public under DUI probation?
I am on probation for DUI and two days ago i got arrested for drunk in public. I live in virginia. how much will that affected my DUI? Will i be sentenced to jail?
Usually a term of probation is to complete ASAP and not consume alcohol for the term of probation. If no alcohol is...
Drunk in public VA. To plea & pay, or not to?
I have been battling alcohol issues for years. I have a DUI 2007, and a handful of drunk in public's since. I recently voluntarily medically checked into an Intensive Outpatient Program in a facility over 45 hrs completed. I am wondering if I should just pay the fine and move on or attempt to see if the Judge would possibly dismiss the charge because I am getting my life in order. I am aware of the ramifications of both. I am a former police officer, so I am completely aware of what the situation looks like on paper. I am trying to get a job and am inquiring to see if "yet another" DIP charge would really matter. My inclination is to say "F" it and just pay the fine. If there is any way this could be rectified w/o being "guilty" would be ideal. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
I don't know how many DIPs you have, but I think you are underestimating the power of an individual seeking recovery...
I have 4 duis. 2 in virginia and 2 in north carolina?
In 2006 4 days before my 21st birthday. I got a dui in north carolina. The cop had to turn around and by the time I knew what was going on I was out of my vehicle. One foot in the gas station but turned around to find out why he was behind me. He made me get back into my vehicle and proceeded to give me a dui blowing a .03. I never went to court for it. Later in 2006 i got a dui in virginia. I was given a provisional licenses to drive back and forth to work and vasap. In 2007 while on the provisional I got my 2nd dui and was sentenced to 19 days in jail. And licenses suspended. In 2009 I got my last dui in north carolina. I was sentenced to 14 months in prison and rehab. My failure to appear was never brought up at my court appearance. Until I called dmv in 2015 to see what I had to do to get my licenses thats when I found out I had a failure to appear to be taken care of because I had forgotten about it. my question is by the time I get done taking the vasap class twice next year which is what virginia is making me do, how severe of a charge am I looking at for a failure to appear 12 years prior? I am not classified as an habitual offender with none being felonious.
I'm not sure exactly what you're asking, but most Virginia courts will only give you a fine if it's your first failure...
Can i drive after DWI?
Last night, I was arrested for DWI in Virginia. I haven't got my license back yet and I have a court hearing a week from now. Am I allowed to drive in the meantime?
You have not provided enough information to give a definitive answer. The law permits the officer to administratively...
2nd DWI and driving on a revoked license as a passenger- im still on probation from ky 1st dui.
Last year I was charged with a 1st offense DWI in Virginia. I followed the court’s order and finished my ASAP classes. This past Friday, my friend was driving my mom’s car. He rear ended a car. The driver of the other car told the state police it was me driving and not my friend (who was sober.) Even though my friend admitted that he was the one driving. I was charged with a 2nd DWI and driving on a revoled license and blew in the precint. %0.16. I am trying to fight those charges, but since I was still under probation. Am i supposed to let my probation officer know about this incident? What would the outcome most likely be if i do so. What happens if I dont let my probarion officer know about this incident.
If you are on probation currently then ypu are probably required as a condition of probation to inform them of new...
What options are available to reduce the sentence?
Juvenile commits murder while under the influence of Xanax, marijuana and alcohol. No previous record, no arrest. Sentenced to 108 years 58 suspended.
There have been some court of appeals decisions to reduce minors sentences. He should have his attorney consider that.