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I have recently moved from MI to TN. I have a restricted license in Michigan. Can TN contact MI if i try for a full license?
I had my license reinstated in 2009 to a restricted license allowing me to drive between 6am and 7pm and to and from work. I want to know if Tennessee will be able to see that I have a restricted license when I apply for a full license.
Yes and they most likely will. If you lie, and they find out later, they can pull your license completely. Is there...
I was pulled over on a revoked license. I'm on probation for 1st time DUI. What will happen when I go to book myself in?
There was no other traffic violation involved. The officer just scanned my plate, then pulled me over. He said all they my probably do is issue fines & a driving class. Could that be true?
No. You have violated your probation with a new criminal offense and have disregarded the courts order. Plus driving in...
I have a TN restricted license due to a DUI. Can I drive out of state in a rental car?
I am on probation for a DUI. I am going out of town for business and I need to know if I can drive out of state in a rental car?
First, I would contact your lawyer. You should not drive a rental car unless your restricted license allows you to do...
I was recently charged with a dui probation violation. For not attending the class and missing to drug test.
I went to court and was given one month to be signed up for the class and report for drug tests. I was already dirty for marijuana so i was panicking and didn't call the testing facility. I called my probation officer and told her i was dirty and wanted to know what i should do. She never called me back. I went in for the court date they had set for me this morning and she set me a new court date and asked if i was getting a lawyer. I am scheduled for the class next week and will have it done before my next court date but i do not know what i am facing if im found guilty of the violation.
I recommend you to call an attorney near you for a consultation.
Will i go to jail for not showing up for drug testing?
Ive been put on 6 mos probation in nashville threw drug court misdeameamener general sessions judge mooreland,they do there testing in nashville at a place called avertest and even though im on ssi income im required to pay for the random screens.i have to call daily to see if i have to go down there i live in clarksville.ive had one test there 11.50.the people in the waiting area were saying they had been called in in as many times as 3 times in one week.theres absolutely no way i can afford this.i pay other bills out of my 730.00 a mo to survive on.any suggestions on how to pay for drug screens?
If you are under a court order for mandatory drug screening you have to go or you could be held in violation of...
3rd DUI, 1st DUI was 12 years ago and the 2nd was 8 years ago...
My name is Jessica. My fiancé was arrested about 4 months ago for his 3rd DUI. He also got charged with the implied consent law also from refusing to do the blood alcohol test which I guess somehow they still obtained his blood while in booking, not sure how that goes new to this...So I bonded him out... Anyway his first DUI was 12 years ago he did the 48 hours, then 8 years ago he had his second DUI which he also only did the 48 hours that time as well rather than the normal 2nd offense 45 days to serve (from what I read)... So he goes to court for his 2nd appearance next week and I'm nervous, whereas he is the person who works and pays all the bills, I was in school but I went ahead and withdrew last week and am looking for work trying to prepare, but as bad as it sounds financially I can't afford for him to go to jail... For a lengthy period of time especially... We have 3 kids and only childcare is mon-fri daytime hours so that's scary... Do you think the lawyer could see about the DA or judge considering at least less jail time considering its been longer lenghths of time since his 1st&2nd DUI's ?? He will be going to court in Davidson county..
There are many many ways a good DUI lawyer can help him. Do not just settle for less. Call and interview several...
Any recent changes the way DUI, Reckless Driving being treated when it comes to H1B extension, GC?
My DUI had been reduced to Reckless Driving. However, there is an additional charge of 'Refusal to submit' in my records. I was under the impression that DUI, Reckless Driving will not affect H1B Extension, Green Card. Of-course, there will additional scrutiny but not like deportation, VISA rejects etc. However, I saw in couple of recent posts that , tDOS/USCIS taking more seriously NOW. H1B extension can end up with RFE. I was arrested in Apr'15 and done with court in Aug' 15. My employer is interested in H1B extension(needs to happen now) and GC, this month. And I need your suggestions and if there are any latest changes.
You are right, there is more scrutiny and visa applications are being denied for DUI, substance abuse and danger to...