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Can I get any of my charges dropped?
I was driving two drunk friends home and was charged with a zero tolerance dui, possession of marijuana, underage consumption, and unlicensed driver. I initially got pulled over because my license plate light was out. I told the officer I had not been drinking and I took a breathalyzer. I blew a .04 and the legal limit for a minor is .02 but I never said I had been drinking. Then the officer lied to me and told me that my friend said I had drank. She never told him I drank. My car got searched and the officer found marijuana in my trunk. and then my car impounded. Is there anything that I can do to get out of any of this? The officer didn't even record my BAC or the amount of marijuana that was found on the ticket he gave me.
Hate to be obvious, but you should engage a lawyer.
Can I go to Mexico with a felony DUI on my record?
I plan on going to Cancun Mexico this Winter, I have a felony DUI on my record from 13 years ago. Will I have any problems getting into Mexico?
If you have a valid passport and there are no warrants on your record you should be fine, but check with the US Customs...
I had my driver's license suspended for 20 years for a 4th DUI offense. What would it cost to try to get my license reinstated,
4 DUI with judge suspending for 20 years not eligible for a license until 2031, I now need a driver's license for my job.
If your sentence is less than two years old, you can ask the court to modify its sentence. I'm guessing your sentence...
If I receive a Suspended Impos. in place of a DUI, does that sus. imp. show up on my record if searched by employer or insurance
First DUI Clean record. Blood Alc of .098 Cooperative with police
As long as it remains suspended, it does not show up for an employer search of criminal convictions. Have you...
I got a DWI in the state of Texas they're trying to charge me with 3rd DWI felony in my home state South Dakota it's only my 1st
I have two DWI that are over 10 years old in the state of South Dakota and the state of texas are trying to charge me with 3rd DWI felony what will happen in the state of South Dakota?
I am not licensed in South Dakota or Texas, so out of respect for any experienced attorney in South Dakota or Texas who...
Can I get a dui in my vehicle at a campground for sleeping in my vehicle
Had my clothes and fishing tackle box in the back seat
I am not licensed in South Dakota, so I would be respectful of any answer given by an experienced DUI attorney from...
Can police sit in a parking lot of a business, lights off, run radar and/or watch for patrons coming out of a bar?
Police have been sitting in a business parking lot with their lights off on their car a lot recently. They could be running radar or watching for patrons of a bar coming out to leave. Can they stop the vehicle just because the individual just left the bar? And can they run radar in the lot?
What would be the rationale that would prevent them form doing this?