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on parole for DUI.
You may get your probation violated and have to go back in front of the Judge. If you did, you will want a lawyer to...
Please note, I had not consumed any alcohol, was not wearing any perfume, body spray, no body/hair products that contained alcohol in them. I have asked the company(lake erie interlock) that installed the device on my car reasons it would fail me other than alcohol to receive an answer of "we cant give you one because we dont know, its your problem not ours because a fail is a fail regardless if you had consumed alcohol or not because our product is never wrong." I received no answer when I asked them questions, only rudeness and did research of my own with not very much help.
There are several possibilities that test would show a "fail," only one of which is having actually consumed alcohol....
Majority of the times, I had been leaving a 10-12 hour shift at my job(in a restaurant)...We DO NOT serve alcohol and our cleaning products do not contain alcohol. The company that installed the interlock device has refused to tell me any possible explanations as to why it continually fails me when I have not been drinking and said it was my problem to deal with and not theirs. I feel there is either a problem with the device or the people not calibrating it properly.
What is your question ??? Understand that you PO has the right to violate you for a fail. They don't care. You can...
Hi, hopefully someone could help me. This past sat night after i got off work from a extremely busy and long shift at 3:15 am i took a couple shots of jameson to relax. Im a 100 pound female and had not consumed any food within 9 hrs. I left work about 5 min after that and got pulled over for speeding (65 in a 35). Cop asked me if i was drinking and i said yes a couple shots when i got off work at 315. I did the 3 field sobriety tests, failed the eye test and havent found out how i did on the other two yet. However, i blew in the preliminary breathalyzer (thought i had too) and blew a,.177 on scene, was arrested for ovi..refused the test at the station. Got a laywer pled not guilty at court. However, i.have acid reflux, anxiety, eye strain, and my eyes have trouble focusing. Chance?
Your attorney will be able to explain your chances to you. You need to trust his/her advice. You did the right thing by...
They charged the other person he was with open container because they were both in the drivers seat, but he has a couple prior dui's so I am guess this is why, He hired an attorney who is charging him $10,000. to represent him but just told him the other day he will not be defending him since he still owes $5000.00 is this legal to do? The guy has paid him half but now will not represent him. He is doing the best he can with payments but it is hard coming up with that kind of money. Can anyone please lend me some advice.
It depends on the circumstances. If the attorney has filed a notice of appearance on the case, he must file a motion...
I just read about Ohio SB 337, does this apply to me? I know I can't get the DUI expunged, but I would like to have the theft charged sealed.
No. The OVI makes it so you are not eligible at all for expungement.
Some people have complained to my PO that they have seen me drinking??? I have been charged with a PO violation on the accusations.... Dont they have to prove I was drinking Alcohol not just seen in a bar or Restuaraunt???
Are you sure that you have a Probation Violation Hearing on just the allegations? Generally, a probation officer is...