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If I have completed the 48 hour idrc, but chose to not attend further treatment. Is 2 day jail mandatory?
I am choosing not to attend a "treatment" post IDRC. Is a 2 jail mandatory or just my license will be affected?
Answer: It is very likely that you will not only be sentenced to the 48 hours of jail, but also not be able to get...
I received a dwi in NY and want to know how it affects my NJ drivers license?
I was charged about a month ago as a first offense dwi in NY . My license is NJ. I am currently suspended in NJ and have two prior dwi in NJ. How will this dwi affect my driving privileges in NJ and how long will i lose my license for in NJ? I received a six month suspension for my NY privileges. I am only a few months away from having my suspension for the prior dwi end, but do not know how this NY charge may affect that.
If you are convicted of DWI in the State of New York, a record of that conviction will be sent to the NJ Motor Vehicle...
My question is if I do go down to the DMV and they do end up restoring my license could there be ramifications down the line?
I was convicted of a 2nd offence DUI in NJ. I've fulfilled all my court mandated community service, IDRC, alcohol screenings etc. After fulfilling my 2yr suspension I received a letter from the DMV stating that my driving privilege was restored. There was no mention of the interlock install that is mandatory for a 2nd offence DUI. I also called the DMV and they have no record of a court ordered interlock installation/limitation in my records.
Talk to the attorney that handled your 2nd DUI offense. There are risks of later ramifications. Good luck.
I surrendered my NJ DL TO FLORIDA two years ago and I am operating under a FLORIDA DL; should NJ DUI be on my NJ or FL DL?
I recently received a DUI in NJ. I had 3 previous DUI's in NJ. I am a Florida resident with a Florida driver license. I use to reside in NJ and surrendered my NJ DRIVERS LICENSE to FLORIDA two years ago. NJ is saying my NJ LICENCE was ACTIVE at time of DUI even though I surrendred it to Florida and have a current Florida DL. NJ is charging me with a THIRD DUI on my NJ DL that has a 6 month MANDATORY JAIL sentence attached to a third DUI in NJ. I previously received my DUI's in NJ in 1994, 1996 and 2001. My argument is being a surrendered my NJ DL to FLORIDA two years ago and have been living and working in Florida the last two years; NJ should be charging me with a FIRST DUI on my FLORIDA DL and report it to FLORIDA. As far as my NJ DL being ACTIVE at time of incident; that is not my fault as I physically surrendered my NJ DL to FLORIDA two years ago when I moved to Florida and registered my car in Florida.
You do not get to wash away your prior offenses by getting a Florida license. NJ and Florida are signatories to the...
Is Taking my Dose of suboxone and then Driving a dui When I wasn't impaired in any way I have been on this medication a year
I was stopped By the police for Getting into a verbal altercation with Someone that I never even spoke that day I was asked to Preform some sobriety test I didn't pass Them i was arrested for Taking my suboxone While driving.
If you are taking a medication that has a warning not to drive when taking it you cannot drive while taking it....
Where does the police report future DWI checkpoints and can I refuse to take a soberity test?
I started working at night, and I am afraid about DWI checkpoints. My concern is that my eyes are really red and dry all the time, people always joke if I have smoke something and on the top of it I have an issue with my back that to perform some tests will make me failed. I was in a car accident and I have severe lower back and numbness in my legs, I also have a very heavy accent when I talk English. I am afriad that if I get stop a cop looking at my eyes and hearing me talk may suspect that i am drunk or high and then if he ask me to step out and do some physiscal tests may fail. How can I protect myself? Should I get a notice from the doctor showing my conditions I can get it from the eye doc and my orthopedic. Is there a way to know exactly where and when those checkpoints will be done?
If you have not had anything to drink or taken any narcotic or illicit drug, it is extremely unlikely that an officer...
Can the NJ DUI surcharge for DUI ($1000/year for 3 years) be paid monthly?
I always hear it's $83/month but can everyone get this payment plan or does one have to be below the poverty level or some other earnings threshold and if so what is the criteria? Thanks in advance.
Directly from the states website: You are encouraged to make payment in full. If you are unable to do so, you can...