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If I have completed the 48 hour idrc, but chose to not attend further treatment. Is 2 day jail mandatory?
I am choosing not to attend a "treatment" post IDRC. Is a 2 jail mandatory or just my license will be affected?
Answer: It is very likely that you will not only be sentenced to the 48 hours of jail, but also not be able to get...
I received a dwi in NY and want to know how it affects my NJ drivers license?
I was charged about a month ago as a first offense dwi in NY . My license is NJ. I am currently suspended in NJ and have two prior dwi in NJ. How will this dwi affect my driving privileges in NJ and how long will i lose my license for in NJ? I received a six month suspension for my NY privileges. I am only a few months away from having my suspension for the prior dwi end, but do not know how this NY charge may affect that.
If you are convicted of DWI in the State of New York, a record of that conviction will be sent to the NJ Motor Vehicle...
Dui question
My adult daughter had at least 3 dui's and many drug charges - was also caught driving on suspension. Presently does not reside with us in nj, been in and out of jail rehabs. Wants to return home to reside with family - I stated "no" because our nj insurance carrier along with other carriers clearly stated they would drop us if she resides with us (considered high risk) in nj. What is the law in nj regarding auto insurance and someone residing in your home that lost their license for 10 years and hasn't paid any restitution. Thank you
Insurance companies are allowed to set conditions for their policy holders. Your daughter is of such a high risk...
Where would a PENDING DWI case show up in NJ?
Where would a pending DWI arrest and case show up in background checks? Criminal? Motor vehicle records? Thanks.
At the court, on the police officers computer and in public records such as your tickets to name a few. A DWI is not...
When does a PENDING DWI case show up on your DMV record in NJ?
Based on my research, I am under the understanding a DWI does not get processed as a criminal arrest and processed as a traffic violation. My case is still pending. However, when are the tickets reported to the DMV and when do they show up on the DMV records? A ballpark estimate would be helpful. Does the DMV record include all cases (open and closed) or does it only include closed cases? Any insight would be helpful.
Nothing will appear on your abstract unless you are convicted.
If i am suspended for a 3rd dwi in nj and i move to pa. Is there anyway i can get a driver license in pa. Even if its for work
Like just wondering if there's anyway i can get a driver license in pa . even if its for work only anyone know.
You might want to redirect this question to a PA attorney however generally speaking since your NJ license is suspended...
Ok so im serving my 3rd dwi and i hear i might be able to get my case reopened want to know if all is true
1st dwi 2002 in wayne 2nd dwi was in butler 2005 with a charge of 3rd or 4th degree joy riding. 2 nd 2005 case was handle at morris county supior court by a public defender i did a plea deal for dwi and joy rideing 18 month prison sentence. Guy really didnt help me i was in jail and said this is the best he can do sign here. My 3rd was2013 in Bloomingdale i went to jail 90 day 90 day in program . i didnt think a dwi could be put in a plea deal at morris county supior court .(never went to butler court for my second) i had no idea the penalties or anything for my second . all i knew was i was going to prison 18 month. Does any lawyer think i have a case to fight my 2nd and make my 3rd acually conflicted as my 2nd something called post conviction relief
Your question is very confusing. You should call an attorney and explain everything over the phone so that they can...