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When does Administrative Hearing happen after DUI(drugs not alcohol) arrest happen? Did not receive a pink slip for DL.
Arrest date 11-27-17, blew negative for alcohol so they drew blood and currently waiting KBI report. I also was cited for reckless driving. I did not have my DL taken away and did not receive a pink slip to replace my DL. When does the administrative hearing happen? Will I be notified so I can be physically present for the hearing? I told the officer I had vertigo, was not drunk and yes I take prescription medication but I was not intoxicated. The cop kept saying "you must be intoxicated or you have a medical condition"..I kept telling him its medical but I ended up in jail anyways. Any info on the administrative process and how/when it may happen would be appreciated.
Well, the good news is that, under present administrative law in Kansas, there is no, independent, action for...
What type of questions do they ask at a dui evaluation in NW Kansas ?
Got a DUI in Kansas in July, just now they’re going to get to the case, it’s November, their wanting an evaluation but I’m not sure what to expect, feel like I’m in the dark
An alcohol/drug evaluation is required, under Kansas law, for first, and second, offense misdemeanor sentencing on a...
In H1, DUI Immigration implications and options?
I have the following options with my recent DUI arrest and refused breath test. I got one of the best criminal attorneys in town who is not hesitant to trial. Please let me know the immigration implications: 1. Take a Diversion with probation. This requires me to plead guilty and after 1 yr of probation the charge will be dropped 2. Trial and win and get the case dismissed 3. Trial but lost with conviction This happened in Kansas where there are no plea deals or negotiations to lesser charges like reckless driving.
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How long does a court have to charge you with a DUI that was charge wrong on ticket?
I was charged with a 2nd DUI when it was actually a 4th DUI. It was dropped in municipal court and sent to District court to charge me for a 4th DUI. Is there a time limit to how long it takes for them to charge me?
The statute of limitations for such a charge in Kansas is five years. It would be prudent to contact a local criminal...
Refused breathtest in Kansas. Can I get a lower charge during administrative hearing?
I refused breath test in Kansas ignorantly. Now, it says I will have a 1 yr license suspension followed by 2 yr Ignition interlock. During the hearing is there a chance to reduce the charge if not completely drop?
If you are asking whether or not you can reduce the DUI that is pending while you have an Administrative Issue over the...
DUI diversion revocation?
I was cited for DUI in 2015, no prior record. I completed the diversion program (1 year stint) without incident. 79 days after I had completed said diversion I received a letter in the mail stating my diversion was being revoked due to a police report in which the officer states I was a witness to an event at a bar. Nearly 3 years after my DUI citation and over a year after my completed diversion I am attending a evidentiary hearing to refute this report (innocent & was not at bar or drinking). I graduate with an MBA in December, if revoked and charged this will have extremely detrimental affects on my life, career, education etc. IF revoked am I sentenced for DUI on the spot, or will I have time to appeal evidentiary hearing, plead non-guilty to original DUI and set for trial, etc?
Review your diversion contract. I suspect it says that the prosecutor has 30, or 60, or possibly even 90 days to file a...
How much weight does officer Narrative holds against video in DUI case in Kansas ?
there is a discrepancy in DC 27 and officers narrative especially with the admission of drinking. If he asks if I was drinking and if I say I was hanging out with friends, can that be considered admission of drinking? will this change anything if I do poorly on field test.
I'm not in your state. The narrative, meaning police report? Police reports are almost never evidence that a jury...