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Can my brother be charged with DUI if no tests or blood work was performed?
My brother just finished a trial and no evidence was provided. The state didn't have no blood work and the officer didn't perform any field tests on my brother on the night he wrecked his car. He received 5 years of probation and 30 days in jail for this. Is this fair? Can they convict him even though they didn't have any evidence? Also, for the first offense, isn't the punishment to steep? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Also, he wasn't arrested at all but was sent to the hospital; they didn't draw any blood from him.
If the trial has ended, it is obvious he can be charged with the offense. If he received 5 years of probation, then he...
If you have a "wet reckless" conviction and catch another DUI charge -- still a 2nd degree misdemeanor? Also question about plea
. I've not yet retained an attorney but this isn't my first rodeo. I know you can probably count actual DUI trials on one hand, but if you have seen someone go to trial and lose -- what sentences are typically imposed? I guess the meat of this post is "My plea seems bad enough, is it that much worse to be found guilty of DUI at trial?" Do guilty DUI defendants typically receive just jail time if they endure a trial, or do they get jail time + all the conditions of a plea bargain (probation, car impound, dui school, etc). Or is the Plea Bargain really a great deal considering the slim-to-nill chance at beating the charge in a trial, and the loss of freedom that would lead to job loss. Admin suspension sustained, so DUI School II, anyway--finally"not guilty" trial = reverse DMV ruling?
The severity of your sentence after trial will depend on the judge and any aggravating facts associated with your case....
Dui charge
I'm a college student. I got arrested for dui, I blew .02 something. I don't have a lot of money, could I try the case on my own? Would any lawyer be willing to take payment plans?
You most assuredly cannot handle a DUI case on your own. In the words of Orange Ciunty Judge Whitehead, "If you can...
32 year old dui pending in New Hampshire .
I'm 61 years old man living in delray beach Florida and have a 32 year old dui pending in New Hampshire . im i going to serve a two year jail term now, no one was hurt just pulled over for speeding and failed the bac test but wasn't told how bad i failed. I know it was dumb of me but now my licence has been taken away 04/09/2014
I don't see a question here, however, since the DUI is 32 years old odds of the State being able to prove the case are...
I have a DUI on my license, but I haven't been arrested or charged with the DUI
I was in a accident, blood was taken and it was over the legal limit but i never was arrested or charged. It's been six months since the accident. I need the arrest form in order to get my license back but there's no form found, my license got suspended for a DUI related offense. What's going on
Could you have had another DUI offense? Check and see if there was a bench warrant issued for this offense. Also, go...
If I blew under the legal drinking limit how is it a dui when the keys are in the ignition?
I blew a .065 after taking a sobriety test. I was sleep in the car when the cops came to me. I was also charged with driving on suspended licenses. The car keys were in the ignition but if I was not over the drinking limit how can I be charged as a dui?
At .08, you are presumed to be intoxicated. At .06, you are consider d impaired. The State doesn't even have to give...
Moving to Florida from CA after receiving 2nd DUI, what will be necessary requirement to acquire license through Florida DMV?
I will not have completed my 18-month DUI program in California by the time I move to Florida. My 2nd DUI was with a refusal. I have been unable to contact Mandatory Action but will continue to try. I have already completed the other conditions of my probation with courts I'm just dealing with DMV at the moment.Was just hoping to get some info here.
Same question, same answer... You should cotact the license authority in FL, I believe the requirements are in their...