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Can my brother be charged with DUI if no tests or blood work was performed?
My brother just finished a trial and no evidence was provided. The state didn't have no blood work and the officer didn't perform any field tests on my brother on the night he wrecked his car. He received 5 years of probation and 30 days in jail for this. Is this fair? Can they convict him even though they didn't have any evidence? Also, for the first offense, isn't the punishment to steep? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Also, he wasn't arrested at all but was sent to the hospital; they didn't draw any blood from him.
If the trial has ended, it is obvious he can be charged with the offense. If he received 5 years of probation, then he...
If you have a "wet reckless" conviction and catch another DUI charge -- still a 2nd degree misdemeanor? Also question about plea
. I've not yet retained an attorney but this isn't my first rodeo. I know you can probably count actual DUI trials on one hand, but if you have seen someone go to trial and lose -- what sentences are typically imposed? I guess the meat of this post is "My plea seems bad enough, is it that much worse to be found guilty of DUI at trial?" Do guilty DUI defendants typically receive just jail time if they endure a trial, or do they get jail time + all the conditions of a plea bargain (probation, car impound, dui school, etc). Or is the Plea Bargain really a great deal considering the slim-to-nill chance at beating the charge in a trial, and the loss of freedom that would lead to job loss. Admin suspension sustained, so DUI School II, anyway--finally"not guilty" trial = reverse DMV ruling?
The severity of your sentence after trial will depend on the judge and any aggravating facts associated with your case....
I am scheduled for a DUI Evaluation...will I be required to submit urine for a drug screen as well as alcohol?
Arrested for DUI, blew 1.54, attorney settled w/ prosecutor for reckless driving...
Random urine screens are a common requirement for any type of probation. I suggest contacting your attorney so he can...
I was recently changed with a dui that I was run off the road.. and they trying to charge me with a dui I'm not guilty ..
I was turning on 41 heading south bond in the inside lane when the middle vehicle got to close, so to avoid an accident I ran in the median and it pop two of my tires.. so the cops tell me to get on the ground when I tried to change the tires and I'm disabled.. trying to charge me with a 3rd one after 10years..
You didn't pose a question, so I'm not sure how to respond. But, to be sure, DUI 3rd carries significant penalties and...
DUI / Headlight out is not illegal
I was driving home last week from the bar and I got pulled over for having a headlight out which is not ILLEGAL so when he smelled alcohol on my breath I got the sobriety test where I walk and do tests and I failed every one miserably I fell a couple times. My BAC was .34% so not sure if I will get impaired driving for this or not but while I was talking to the officer he said he would suggest i fight the DUI because he shouldnt have pulled me over for the head light out and he said it was out but its not illegal so the sobriety test is inconclusive so i shouldnt get charged with a DUI. do i go to court anyway or should i just skip it all together since it'll be thrown out anyway??
I have never heard of a police officer telling someone they stopped them illegally. I would image in the police report...
Will I be drug tested for enhanced DUI? I live in FL.
I was arrested for Enhanced DUI and it's my first offence. I also smoked weed in the same time frame and I have a status hearing in a few days. At first my lawyer told me i didn't have to go, but he called to say he's expecting a plea bargain with probation and he wants me to be there just in case. What I'm worried about is that if I do accept it will I be drug tested that day? If I fail the first drug test how negatively will it affect my case? I can promise I've forsworn all drugs after this horrible experience, I just want to know what's the best way to handle this, thanks for answering.
You won't likely be drug tested that day but this is a question you should be asking your attorney.
I am unable to renew my Florida Driver's License. Do I need a "Traffic" or "DUI" specialist?
I went to renew my Florida driver's license and I was rejected as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts had a suspension on my license. 2 issues: 1. Unpaid excise tax from 1979 (I cleared this up as it was the wrong vehicle/person. and 2. Resolution of a DUI case from that same time frame. Case was closed, I paid all fines and did the required courses. However, I moved to NH and never paid the license renewal fee. NOW, they want court documents re: the outcome. Clerk says documents are not available. I am willing to pay whatever they want, but I can't get anyone off the dime. Florida will not renew until Massachusetts clears the issue and I pay the "fee". This issue appears to date back 30+ years.
Difficult situation. Most courts have their older file on microfich (sic). If this is the case, you should be able to...