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Was wondering what happened for violating probation for the first time?
Had gotten a ticket from a state trooper yesterday for driving with out having my license restored which I didn't know my license was suspended in the first place...also just bought a brand new car and didn't have my interlock device installed yet but the police officer never checked...want to know what could happen? First time ever being on probation never missed a probation appt and always passed ever drug screening also have done all the requirements my probation officer asked...I'm terrified that she will send me back to court resulting into jail time
Firstly, you are required to report this incident to your probation officer. After that I would expect the probation...
Will I be drug tested at court for 2 larceny 6 and domestic with my sister after getting out of rehab previous day?
I never had a record or been arrested before. I fell into drugs this past year. I was arrested twice for larceny 6 and domestic with my sister for arguing. I just got out of rehab and have to turn myself in this morning. Iv been to court 10 times. Often my public defender didnt show and got continued. Judge gave me iop. I never completed it because of being homeless and struggling with drugs. The court never put all the cases together. Every time I went to court they were both discussed. My public defender was terrible. And never got a letter for the court date. I had a one failure to appear and was arrested at court. Bond out and court next day they said all cases were together come back this date. Sent to iop again but put myself in 6 week rehab. Now I'm out of rehab and found out it happened again with a unknown court date for one of the larceny 6 before I went in. I smoked weed like a fool and concerned their going to drug test me. And concerned about the two FTA. I have a lawyer now. Can i expect a drug test and jail time?
The court may make drug testing a condition of your release or probation if you plead or are found guilty. While jail...
Will I be charged with DUI?
Drove after drinking and hit something like a guard. Was checked out by police but not charged or cited. License wasn't taken away. Went to the hospital and was checked for injury. Was released an hour later. This was four days ago and I still haven't heard anything about a possible arrest or DUI. What is the likelihood I will be charged? (First time offender with no prior convictions for anything.)
If the police suspect you were under the influence then they will apply to a Judge for a search warrant to obtain a...
How much time do you actual serve in jail when sentence 120 days 2nd dui
i was pulled over by state trooper because he said he could not see my license plate on my car i explain to him that i bought the car from a dealer and they could not find the title and the dealer was working on it but because i was paying cash for 2 cars he did not want to lose the sell. i did relaspe after being clean for a couple of years and was going threw alot of things. and the cop ask me did i have anything to drink and i told him yes. so he took me to the station and let my daughter come pick me also the car dealer came and explain to i was not pulled over for drinking and driving i just admitted to it and i also been trying to get into a program which every place i call said it have to be threw court or probation well i end up getting into treatment. which im still in but my pd said i have to go to jail for admitting to drinking. then i found out there is a home program for dui but the judge said its only jail for a 120 days and a fine and interlock device in my car when i get out now how much time will i actually have to stay in jail. also they want me to accept feb 3rd but i have a sick pregnant daughter she has the baby in march
Maybe you ought to listen to your Public defender. I'm sure the Troope didn't arrest you just because you told him you...
Do I still qualify for Deferred Action (DACA) renewal with a DUI arrest but NO CONVICTION.
My situation is this, Im employed My Daca has to be renewed I was arrested for DUI they allowed me to take a pretrial class to avoid the charges on the record. From what i understand from an immigration stand point is that i am still convicted even though i am not "criminally convicted", my next court date is 05/10/17 so it is still pending and my DACA expires in march. Think i have a shot?
The case will be dismissed on your next court date and all record of the arrest (except the DMV records for insurance...
Why would dcf require a drug test from me
My son lives in apartment A with my mother and i live upstairs in apartment B. Well I had a called the police on my father for coming into my apartment and smashing my nightstand in the morning and ruining my laptop, my morning coffee landed on it (I got mad and through the cup at the wall). So anyways we where both given a court date. Next thing i know dcf is at my door and i get told i need to take (another) urine test and just me. no one else was ordered to take one. i have done them be for for DCF ( i didnt want to cause problems) But im getting really tired of this, its not like i have failed a test. Can they really just keep forcing me to take these tests?
Short answer: "yes". Because you have, in DCFs eyes a "history of issues with substances (yes, even if you've never...
My brother received a 2nd DUI in MI 2008 and is still without a license. He may move back to CT, can he get his CT license?
He had gotten a 2nd DUI in 2008 and it took him a long time to pay $ 3,000 in fines. He had to make payments every month. He then was on probation and went to speak to his probation officer and was asked no drinking correct. He then said I had a beer in my back yard after cutting my grass. They took him out of the office in cuffs. He also had to go to a facility twice a day for almost a year to do a breathalyzer. He has been responsible with working etc. he hasn't drank in years and needs to get his license reinstated. He's unsure of the process and hired an attorney who is telling him he won't help him until he has 6 months of documented AA. I'm in CT and he used to live here. This seems excessive to me and I'm a retired police officer from another state. It seems like it would be easier for him to just move back to CT and start over. Would he have a problem getting his CT driver's license? Thanks for your time.
This situation involves very specific facts and the statutes from two different states. He needs to hire a DWI...