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Need a lawyer dealing with DUIs
im 60 yrs old and from Indiana. I moved out to Oklahoma in november of last year. About four and ahalf years ago i got myself into some trouble and had gotten three duis in a 5 yr period. I was sentence to 4 months in prison and two yrs probation. on top of that my license was suspended for 10 yrs. I would like to try and get my license reinstated and was wondering if thats possible and about how much it would cost me
Search for defense attorneys that handle DUI/DWI cases, as well as the driver's license issues involved.
I was recently expunged of a dwi felony
I had a dwi felony 2nd and sub and got a deffered case completed my probation and got a expungment and I live in Texas can I serve on jury duty
If you had a deferred that was successfully completed and the case was dismissed, then you did not receive a conviction....
DPS is having a hearing for my liscens a year after DUI?
Last year I revived a DUI and after competing the court requirements the DUI was reduced to speeding 25 over. I did send off that form to request a hearing within the 15 days but when my 30 day temp license was about to expired I called the DPs and they said my license isn't going to be suspended and that I could get a copy made at the tag agency which I did. I never heard back from them until I received a letter in the mail the other day saying I have 30 days to send 175 along with the request for a modified liscens. I understand the court and the DPs are separate but why would they allow me to get another liscens just to suspend it a year later? Also what happens with the hearing? Will they more then likely not suspend me since it was reduced?
Good question. I'm not sure how DPS can tell you one thing and then, in reliance upon it, you trust them. I am not...
Why do i have to have an ignition interlock device installed for all first offense charges?
This is my 1st offense, it has been dismissed with prejudice and expunged after two years of being deferred & paying restitution. Count 1: driving under the influence of alcohol, Count 2: possession of controlled drug (marijuana), Count 3: possession of paraphernalia, Count 4: driving without a driver's license, Count 6: Fail to stop and yield at flashing red light, Count 7: Improper passing-on right. I have not had any alcohol or marijuana since then. I have learned my lesson and after paying nearly $8,000.00, I can't afford the cost of a car and the ignition interlock device. I was 20 when this happened. I am 23 now.
Your driver's license revocation is a separate matter from your criminal case. On all DUI charges, the Oklahoma...
How hard is it to win a dps administration hearing for licens suspension?
My dui case was reduced following court requirements now 1 year later the dps is trying to suspend my licens. I called the dps and and was told the officer didn't send in a affidavit so they said my licens wasn't suspended. After I completed dui classes and finished my court stuff I called the dps back and they said to send in my certificates of completion for my classes and I was good to go. Now a year later they are scheduling a hearing for my license suspension. Since I didn't get convicted for the dui why would they be able to suspend my license. Plus they claimed they never received a affidavit?
I am not licensed to practice law in Oklahoma, so out of respect for any experienced DUI attorney licensed in Oklahoma...
2nd dui, both misdemeanors. I wasnt ordered by a judge to have interlock. How long will I have to have interlock for Oklahoma
Someone told me id have to have interlock for 48months is this true?
This information may be available on the website for the Oklahoma DOT. If you were represented by an attorney at your...
I was ordered by the judge to 6 month interlock system on vehicle. dmv has said 18 months. this is not a private intity this is a public service. this is part of what is wrong in our country seems everyone can do whatever they want they just find a loop hole. when the gavel hit and a JUDGE FOR AND IN THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA SAYS 6 MONTHS THEN HOW CAN THAT BE IGNORED AND OVERRODE BY A PUBLIC INTITY. SEEMS TO ME ITS ALL ABOUT $$ AND NOT ABOUT LAW AND ORDER. SCREWED UP NATION WITH 10 DIFFERENT RULES FOR 1 SITUATION. NO WONDER ITS SO CONFUSING AND I AM UPSET I LOOKED AT THE JUDGE ON MY CASE HE TOLD ME WHAT TO DO THEN I GET A WHOLE OTHER STORY FROM DMV OH YEA BESIDES THE EXTRA FEES ETC. SOUNDS LIKE DBL JEAOPORDY NO WONDER OTHER NATIONS THINK AMERICANS ARE STUPID.
You are angry, and you anger is getting the better of you. You are dealing with a common problem. It exists because of...