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Will I have a better chance of a hired attorney call Mau to get License reinstated?
Missed a 18 month class, Mau revoked my restricted license
In a word, no. There's nothing an attorney can do here.
I have a DUI charge. With two misdemeanors and 2 special allegations first DUI ever...I
Also a criminal case I'm suppose to do 6 months on can we put them together n maybe gt rehab instead
Definitely not enough facts to render a helpful legal opinion. You need to sit down with a criminal defense attorney to...
How long does it take for the police dept. to notify the ca dmv of a possible dui drivers license suspension?
My son was pulled over last night and passed his feild sobriety tests but requested a blood draw rather than the breath thing? So they took him to the hospital, drew blood, never booked him, took his license and let him go home with a temporarty 30 day license...i understand the appeal process. How long does it take for DMV to get the details of this? and where can he get a copy of his actual drivers license they took (he only needs a copy? He just got a job and they need a copy of his license. I was wondering if he could just go down to dmv and request a temporary one? He really needs this job.
Go and get an ID card at the DMV for picture identification. The time your asking about, how long does it take, it...
How can i get a copy of my drivers license after a police officer took it?
I was pulled over 24 hrs ago for possible dui but passed the feild tests, so they took me in for a blood draw. Afterwards the officer took my license and gave me temporary one (30 day), even though the results arent back yet and im sure they are fine. I really need a copy of my license (actual license, not id card) for employment. They require a copy of my drivers license. Can I get a copy from the police departmart or get my license back if i sign some type of promisary note to forfeit my license after 30 days if the bac test come back .08 or higher? I just really need a copy of it soon.
No they send it to Sacramento. Go to the dmv and request an ID card
DUI Motion to Suppress- continuance
In November will be my 1year since being pulled over for my 2nd DUI. Previous was several years ago, thought is was all behind me, paid my due(s), not my lesson. Had high BAC .12- blood. Retested. affirmed. My attorney filed the what seems to be the hail mary motion to suppress, it got canceled once by the DA, then by us after a couple months and now my attorney wants to do it it is like 7-9 months in least! My question: Is there ANY benefit to such a long period of time since the incident when we do final have our motions hearing? exploit officers recall? DA tired of seeing my file and plea bargains? Anything? There any strategy to this that can be used All in all, I deserve what I get! Just looking for different perspective, TY.
It is hard to say. My experience has been that, GENERALLY, as time goes by, the case gets better for the defense....
If I've been deported from one state. I go to another state and get a DUI can the D.A check for prior DUIs or deportation?
I was deported from one state. Came back to start again in another state. Tried to stay under the radar but unfortunately got a DUI in the new state was arrested and released. I'm worried if I go to my court date for the DUI they will discover I am here illegally. What should I do go to the court date and hope they don't find out I'm illegal or move to yet another state and start over again?
Hi, you have a major problem. If you have been removed from the US and have illegally reentered you may not only have...
CA DUI law, can prescribed medications be considered DUI when alcohol and bodily injury are present?
My wife is being charged with 2 counts felony dui with injury. One due to medication prescribed by a county doctor for a bipolar disorder that was being taken as prescribed, and the other was due to a BAC of .10 by blood test. She initially refused the breath test and then gave blood. She was speeding at the time of the accident The injured party was treated at scene by ambulance for minor abrasions and went home. She also had a dui 8 years ago. Can they charge her for taking her medication as prescribed when no limits were placed on her driving and is she looking at jail time or worse?
Yes, they can charge her for "taking her medication as prescribed" and yes she is looking at (possible) jail time....